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    So i came across this in

    engadget. com/2009/06/15/probably-fake-video-roundup-24-inch-iphone-os-ps1-emulation-on/#continued

    I dont have enought posts to post urls as i am new here

    (the 2nd video eff the iphone one)

    Its about a guy who has his own emu that runs from nes to ps1. WITH NO LAG. (he provides instructions on how to do it)

    I have no experience coding or using linux or WebOs and don't want to brick my phone so i ask any of you guys out there to do 2 things.

    1. Go to this link and read the instructions. After that try them and see if this emulator actually works and or these instructions are even full in the first place. Like i said i dont know the goings on of this OS but to me it seems like the instructions are incomplete.

    2. After reading / trying to get the emulator to work. Report your findings and or problems. IF you get it to work and send me a full instruction and or video with text instruction i am willing to pay you when i get it working on my Pre. (only paying if it works) not if you just post what you find.

    Thanks guys

    PS. i think it is fake and wont work seeing as he runs ps1 with no lag.
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    Yes im serious, in not fishing for hits on a website i really want this to work. If it does it will also make everyone know the pre rocks the iphones face off!
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    For those who didn't find the link to his website ( i forgot to post it since it was early) its moppixmovies. com/wordpress/?page_id=414

    As i look at it again, the controller doesn't match his Mario jumps. i think more now that its fake
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    He now claims to be running a ps3 emu on there and is playing Little Big Planet.

    I call bull**** now.

    Here is the updated youtube and website post.

    Has anyone even tried to do what he ses?

    moppixmovies. com/wordpress/?page_id=414

    youtube. com/watch?v=FLD2tj03SdI&feature=channel
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    Lol imposible not even close to possible... Ps3.... Roflmao.. Wow... Anyway any progress on a ps1 emu? Really want one on my palmpad when it comes out
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    Wow.. Talk about a Zombie thread...

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