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    Has anyone got this program to work? I downloaded it and purchased a book. When I try to read it, a directions screen comes up and says, flick to the left to move forward a page, however, when I flick left, I return to the home screen. I have gone to their website and someone has asked the question but not receiving any help. Just wondering if anyone here has figured it out.
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    What happens when you flick to the right?
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    I've been using shortcovers since it came out without any problems. I'd like some more features, but I've had not UI problems.
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    Did a soft reset this morning and now it's working fine.
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    Maybe I'm just a clutz, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to retrieve a bookmark. I've searched for some kind of help menu, both on the Pre and on the ShortCovers web site, and alas, none seems to be forthcoming.

    This thing is already a battery killer, and if I have to page through chapter and verse every time I open a 1500 page book; well, it's pretty useless!

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