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    Right away i know some of you may say im crazy for even proposing such an idea, but i think it would be brilliant if a Microsoft office suite came to the palm pre. Palm and Microsoft have worked together in the past and i think making such an app like this would save both of them in the mobile market. WinMo phones while very numerous are not quiet making it performance wise , so why not port over the office part over to a better off OS? It wouldn't be any weirder than how you are able to buy Office for the Mac. Also lets think, this would be directly aimed against the iPhone and could even switch more over to palm.

    The phone i had before i ordered the pre was the htc touch diamond and one of the reasons i loved it was Microsoft office mobile. As a college student that was incredibly helpful for all of my classes, and to be honest this is one of the few negative remarks i have against the pre.

    So what does everyone else think of this idea? Hate it? Love it??
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    I suspect that MS Office will never be ported to PrPrPr&#$275$;. $But$...

    Dataviz is planning on releasing Docs-To-Go with editing.
    www dot dataviz dot com/products/documentstogo/webOS/index.html

    You should try this solution when it's available.

    FWIW - The version I have on my Palm T|3 works pretty well.

    One other possible solution would be OpenOffice. It might get ported as it DOES work under Linux already. But personally I think it would be a big project to get it on the PrPrPr&#$275$;.
    www dot openoffice dot org

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    Man i totally forgot about open office, yeah that sounds a lot better of an idea know that i think about it. I love having synced and being able to do all my documents and other files would be even better for me and keep me more than satisfied with the Pre.
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    I've always had doc editing (either through WinMo or Docs to Go) on my phones. However, I've found that, due to changes in people's work habits toward email, I almost never send / edit Office docs anymore. So I'm very comfortable viewing only, for email attachments. YMMV.
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    The office stuff is the reason I am not moving at this time. I use Excel spread sheets and email extensively. I would prefer to see a MS release, 'cause it would be more compatible with the real thing; DTG has some situations where the changes and ways of accomplishing a function sorta pop up unexpected.

    As for OpenOffice - - I use it on my laptop.
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