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    I have so many suggestions for palm to include in a future update such as:

    The ability to copy/cut text I havent typed myself (Like a text message)
    Navigation audio through bluetooth
    More screens in the launcher menu
    Video recording (duh)
    Sound recording
    How about the option to use a virtual keyboard while in portrait mode?
    The ability to read emails in portrait mode.

    I'd love to hear everyone elses ideas.
    Maybe we'll get lucky and a palm rep will read this, think its gold, and do our bidding
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    Google maps can't access public transit. Can't even use because the app auto launches and can't be removed. Dumb.
    Support playlists.
    Ignore album art in photos.
    Support tethering or it will get hacked.
    Recall the battery and replace it with one that will last all day.
    Yes I turned down the brightness wifi and bluetooth.
    The ability to highlight text could be supported with start and stop points triggered by red button + w and red button + s
    I'm dying for flash support.
    A rechargeable blue tooth usb dongle to extend storage would be cool.
    I'd like to see the clock on the background.
    Release the sdk immediately. Open source is the reason I didn't buy an iphone
    Other than this I'm very very impressed. If you fix this I think you'd have a lot more customers.

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