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    For all you SlingPlayer fans out there. I just contacted sling support over the phone and then via online chat and from the sounds of it (unless they are pullin my leg), a webOS application is "in the works!"

    Check out my conversation I had over Sling Support Online Chat:


    6:27 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:

    6:27 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.

    6:28 PM Support session established with Jose B.

    6:28 PM Jose B: Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support, my name is Jose.

    May I have the e-mail address as it appears in your Sling Account to help verify your eligibility for support?

    6:28 PM mcielo:

    6:28 PM Jose B: Thank you. What can I do for you?

    6:29 PM mcielo: I've been using the mobile sling application on my Palm 700p and I love it; however, I just recently upgraded my cellular phone to the new Palm Pre. Have you heard of a new version of the mobile sling application possibly coming out soon for the new Palm Pre webOS operating system?

    6:30 PM Jose B: I see. Actually, we got news that we are working on that product. Unfortunately, we don't handle more than that, I mean, we don't have like a date for a release for example.

    6:31 PM mcielo: I'm ok with not knowing a release date, but knowing Sling IS working on an application for the new webOS operating system is great news!

    6:32 PM Jose B: Yes, we hope continue and change from great to amazing news soon for you.

    6:32 PM mcielo: How long ago did you hear that you all are working on it?

    6:32 PM Jose B: A few days ago.

    6:32 PM mcielo: And was that official news from inside your company?

    6:32 PM mcielo: I can't wait for it to be released!

    6:33 PM Jose B: Yes, I'm waiting too. lol

    6:33 PM Jose B: At this point, is there anything else that I can do for you?

    6:33 PM mcielo: Nope, that's all. Thanks so much for your time.

    6:33 PM Jose B: You are very welcome.

    6:33 PM Jose B: Thank you for contacting Sling Media technical support, have a nice day!

    6:33 PM Jose B has ended the session.


    Hopefully we see this application soon! ---mcielo
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    I usually used mine on dinner break at work and man I miss it.
    Sprint TV just doesn't cut it, picture quality or content.
    Nothing beats live TV on Sling.
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    They better not charge $30!!! i'll be

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