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    I was excited to be able to use the Sprint TV app as my little boy loves the Disney channel. I am coming from the Treo 755p and the quality on there is horrible. When I saw the reviews that Sprint TV looked somewhat decent on the Pre I got my hopes up.
    As it turns out, the quality on the phone is A LOT better than on my treo. You can actually follow along with a show and it is generally pretty smooth. I have two major issues, however, that have really squashed my hopes.
    1. There is no way to pause, fast forward, or rewind the video. This was available on the treo and was nice. I could pause the video while I was getting him in the car and then resume when he was all set.
    2. The video gets out of sync sometimes and because of issue #1, there is no way to fix that without starting the whole video again.
    I hope that Sprint fixes this app with an update that helps with the video quality and playback controls, but since they keep dropping channels off of the menu, I have to believe that Sprint TV will not be around very much longer.
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    I can't rewind, etc., on the Touch Pro either. It's a bit annoying.
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    I am new to Sprint but It's my understanding that Sprint TV is live TV. In fact, I put Disney Channel when I got my Pre on Saturday and my son was watching Disney channel and it was live.

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