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    My free version of the BETA says it's going to expire in 4 days. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Yea and I uninstalled it and it removed all my contacts on my Pre from outlook. Poof gone.
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    Silly question, but why does everything have to use wifi or EAS? Why can't we just use an old fashioned cable?

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    Hi, I apologize if this question has been asked somewhere else, but I used to sync my Centro with Outlook (using Pocket Mirror) via BT, and would like to be able to do something similar with my new Pre. Unfortunately, it seems that the Pre is set up only to pair with audio devices, so I was thinking I could pair it with my laptop via BT PAN if I used an app like My Tether.

    Has anyone had any success syncing a Pre with Outlook via BT, or at least managed to pair the Pre with a PC running XP?
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    I have gotten my Pre connected to my desktop via BT PAN (Not using My Tether) to Vista (not XP). I'm not sure why, but sometimes it takes several tries in order for the two to see each other and finally get connected. Once connected I am able to sync using PocketMirror over it since I can not use WIFI here in my office.
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    How did you get the Pre to "see" the PC? Whenever I try to get the Pre to recognize other BT devices, it looks for "audio devices" and so can't find the PC (although the PC can see the Pre).
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    When you say that "sometimes it takes several tries for the two to see each other and finally get connected," what exactly do you do when you retry? Would you mind being more specific?
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    Whenever I go to connect the PC and the Pre, it will often take several tries before they even recognize the existence of each other...sometimes a dozen tries. Once they see each other, then I tell the PC to connect via PAN, and my Sync starts working.
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