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    Ok, I just want to start by saying, I know this isn't a blackberry, and I dont expect it to be able to do everything a bb can as far as enterprise email.

    The biggest problem is that there are no shortcuts (to file a message on the bb you hit i), so every time i need to file an email i have to click the top and then scroll to the specific folder rather than type in the letter that starts the name of the folder.

    The second thing I want to know is if anyone knows if you can get confirm delete on the pre email. I know when you delete a message thread with a person after you swipe it in the place of it is a confirm delete option. I have accidentally deleted a couple of emails due to scrolling lag, or just by accident, and while its not a deal breaker it is a pain to have to pull it back of my deleted folder.

    If anyone knows any tricks/shortcuts to dealing with exchange email functions on the pre feel free to share
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    I wish there was a "Mark All as Read" option.
    And maybe even a "Delete All" option.
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    I can not even get my exchange email set up... I had the Instinct before this phone and my work email worked right away.. however it is not working on the Pre, any suggestions?

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