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    okay, tap to zoom in, but tap to make a block active seems to be more hit and miss than it should be.

    i dont know if im supposed to wait for the color to change, but i do and sometime it takes a couple of taps (in the mean time it is doing its zoom thing) to get it to change.

    also, it doesnt actually put in the last number. you think you the number didnt take, but it is just preparing to throw the the streamers.

    lose the strwamer, but the last number in, and just give me congrats.

    oh and fix the tapping issue.
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    I also have these problems. On top of the annoying "box doesn't click" issue, the first puzzle it gave me was "Un Solvable." At first I thought I was just dumb, and couldn't figure it out, so I let me fiance help me. After about 5 seconds she said "Huh, bad puzzle." Of course, who would believe their better half though, right? So I just kept putting numbers in the box, 1-9, to check and see if any would work. Every single number, 1-9, said "You cannot put this number here because:" or some such garbage. Dead puzzle I was upset too, I spent a lot of time on that darn puzzle lol.
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    It's much easier to use the keyboard to play sudoku. Much faster and more accurate. The box still doesn't light up most of the time. Go to "Help" and then "How to Play" for keyboard instructions.
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    the kb combos work better, but not always. i would rather play with the kb closed, but for now i will use the kb.
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    Agreed. I want the keyboard closed as well.
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    I'm glad Sudoku is there but this app is really too simple. I wish (1) it would allow for a "hint" when you're stuck; (2) timed you so you can improve your performance (3) made it easier to "note" numbers in the squares that way I wouldn't spend as much time reviewing what I already reviewed for that specific square.
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    In case you havent notices:

    Try playing suduko for a few minutes, then try to send a txt message.

    The txt screen wont even open.

    Then try and look at device info... The device info is temporarily not there. Try calling yourself. You wont get through.

    Then shut down suduko and watch everything that wouldnt open up while suduko was open, just start opening up.

    in short, suduko freezes my fone.
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    Sudoku was one of my favorite apps on my Treo I was excited to see a Sudoku game available for the Pre launch, but I can't stand this one...for all the reasons given here. It's long deleted off my phone now.

    I guess that it will be a challenge to create a super easy to use Sudoku game on the Pre without a D-pad, but I'm sure someone can do better than this thing. The constant zooming in and out and no easy way to add either a pencil mark or a value without having to touch the screen has just killed it for me. I am really looking forward to a better one.
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    I had issues with this app also.

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