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    Has anyone else noticed that email push sort of goes to sleep once in a while? I'm listening to Pandora and I see that I don't always get notified of new emails (I can see them coming in on my computer). However, if I go to the email application, it will download them. I have gmail and an Exchange account, both set to get as they come in. Once I've looked at my email, it will push again for a while, but then it sleeps at some point.

    I'm thinking this is either because Pandora is using a good bit of bandwidth and the connections to the servers don't stay open or because Pandora is using up a lot of processor and the other background apps starve for cycles.
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    I have this same problem, its somewhat annoying. I guess no one has a solution yet.
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    Yeah, I saw this over the weekend (I received only a handful of messages) but I was not running Pandora or any other bandwidth-intensive apps. Then today it was working fine again. Maybe you need a certain number of messages to get it going??
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    What is your 'Get Email' interval set at?
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    As they arrive.

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