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    I don't have a Pre, but I have read in another thread that SplashData has placed a free beta copy of SplashID for WebOS on the App Catalog.

    Has anyone tried this? If you have, is there a Windows version of SplashID that can synchronize with the app on the Pre? I certainly hope so, as they have done this successfully with the Palm and Windows versions of their apps.
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    its no longer there, but someone said it didnt yet.
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    It does not sync (yet).
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    Wow - yeah software didn't work at ALL.. Couldn't import anything - guess they need to revise again before reposting it.. Oh well.
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    Do any of the SplashData products: SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashShopper, etc. sync your data with your desktop computer yet?
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    I downloaed it and was able to import everything in. No sync however.

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