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    Already getting developers on this thing without an SDK, THAT'S hardcore. haha
    I was all ready to start developing with the SDK the day the Pre came out. I figured if they were previewing the SDK way back at CES it would arrive with the phone. I was delusional I guess. Now I need something to play with, so I'll just build some web apps (are we calling them "cloud" apps now?) in the mean time.

    Any requests?
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    Great job! People making stuff for the Pre already without the SDK being released yet. However, please excuse my ignorance how do I get this on the phone? Thanks
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    You play it in your phone's browser. Its a palm pre "optimized" web app. If you want it to LOOK like a native app then while viewing it in your browser go to the web menu, go to page, then click on "add to launcher". Customize the icon a bit an viola! You now have it "installed". The only downside to this method is that you must have a data connection to pull it up and if your connection is slow it could take a while to load.
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    I won't be able to work for a few days now...Thanks. haha
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    Glad you like it xandrake! Tell your boss I'm sorry

    Also, just updated the game to properly handle personal high scores. They work now and don't require a nasty popup. Still working on a solution to world high scores. I'm thinking it would be best to break them down by device. Firefox vs IE vs Palm Pre vs iPhone, etc... Whaddaya think? :-)
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