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    Seriously, they should just release a kick *** facebook app that will push the info thru the app to the phone. Kinda like the nokia & blackberries do. This would keep it away from the general contacts... Is that so hard?
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    They should be, but is there a way to actually set the time zone on FB? The event is local, anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumz View Post
    Has anyone else had the Pre put a facebook calendar event in the wrong time slot on the calendar?

    I am experiencing this same issue... I've been looking all around the Facebook settings and the event settings as well to no avail. Anyone found the answer yet?
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    Just like Jersey I am having dificulty importing the facebook birthdays. do my facebook friends have to have the application enable for me to receive their birthdays?
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    I too am having the problem with facebook events showing up as the wrong time. Any thoughts? I've searched everywhere for timezone options.
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    with the method posted above, i would have to do this manually after ive added more friends in order to update birthdays for recent friends i've added correct?

    it wont automatically be syncd?
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