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    In Calendar, all of my Facebook events that synced over to the Pre are two hours off. All my times are correct in Facebook (ie correct time zone) as well as my Pre time. Everything is set to the proper time zone and I can't figure out why when synced they are off... anybody having this problem?

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    yes, i'm having the exact same problem. It's as if Palm thinks my facebook account is in the pacific time zone. I can't even work around it by importing my facebook calendar to google, because it ends up being 5 hours off in the other direction -_-
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    I too am having the same problem. Any resolution?
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    Yeah same deal here, and since its from face book you can't move the time. I have an event 10PM on friday night but it comes up as 1AM saturday morning so it doesn't even show on the right day. I am in eastern time zone, so its like its using western.
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    Same here; seems there are a lot of Facebook synergy issues.
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    there's a topic about this on the Palm forums. Reply to and kudo it and maybe Palm will take notice: Facebook Calendar Sync: Time offset issue? - Synergy (webOS) - Palm Support Forums
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    I am having this same issue, this thread is a little outdated so I wanted to see if anyone has come up or seen a fix for this issue?

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    Definitely not a fix.

    The issue is that FB uses the timezone of the computer that is talking to FB. In the case of your Palm Pre, that's Palm's synergy servers which are in California and therefore PST.

    Palm needs to fix synergy so that the events in your FB calendar are set to the proper time according to which timezone your Pre is currently in.
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    Apparently I'm too young on Precentral forums, so have to quote this URL instead sorry:

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