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    Okay I am confused after ready several threads:

    1) Will Pre all for Yahoo IMAP Email?

    a) I understand from another post, push will not work, but will it go out in set time intervals and pull in the new emails?

    b) I do not see POP as an option as I do not want to delete or mark an email read on my phone then find none of those changes reflected on my email on my computer.

    2) Will Pre sync my yahoo contacts like I hear it will with gmail and facebook?
    I really see this as key feature, if not to start is it believed yahoo will do this in future or will this be an exclusive to gmail?!?!

    3) Will Pre intergrate yahoo messenger into the other messaging system where it is linked in with contacts and texts?

    I know many have said in other posts just switch to gmail and drop yahoo. But yahoo has about 16% free email market share with 5% for gmail. I have more friends on yahoo, thus more important to have access to yahoo mail, contacts, and MESSENGER

    Appreciate hearing feedback to questions and what the future looks like for yahoo and Pre.
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    IMAP with yahoo mail works just fine. I have 2 yahoo, 1 gmail, and 1 personal IMAP email account on my pre and all four do push email.

    As for points 2 and 3 there hasn't been any announcements yet but I would expect to see them implemented soon unless yahoo cease to exist and gets merged into some other entity.
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    Thanks for the update on the email, I really want to get this device, but want it to integrate into my life

    Hopefully contacts and instant messenger will come soon and work within Pre and not 3rd party application. I want it to be all inclusive and not different process for different friends.
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    I installed Mundu Messenger and it can handle all IM protocols.

    Of course, it's installed under 'Classic'.

    I tested it out for Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, they both work.

    For some unknown reason AIM does not work, but I suspect it's because the Pre itself does.


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