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    My buddy list currently has 2 "groups". One called "Friends" with all of my contact in there, another called "Buddies" which for some reason has only one contact in there, who is also in the "Friends" group.

    I don't want the "Buddies" group.

    I've tried deleting the contacts AIM screen name, loging on to AIM on my PC to see if I had another group called "Buddies" (which I don't) and also unsyncing my AIM account completely all to no avail.

    Any ideas how to get rid of "Buddies" but still keeping that single contact in "Friends"?
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    To move that buddy from buddies to friends log in with an app on the desktop that supports multiple accounts (eg Pidgin) and drag it into the other group.

    To remove the AIM account change your presence to Offline, then Menu > Preferences > Remove Account.

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