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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    I have one launcher page for all of the items that I don't need to use Bluetooth, Device Info, etc...and the Nascar app is on that page scrolled out of view. Just doesn't bug me. In fact, perhaps it will come in handy someday...if I am with someone who *does* like Nascar.

    I have root-ed into the phone to add launcher pages, re-enable call duration, etc...and just couldn't be bothered getting rid of it while I was in there. That said, if it bugs you that much, you can kill it that way.
    Steve--Thanks! I need to do poking around, but until I read your post I didn't know you could enable add/remove of launcher pages. Got that working now too. What a brilliant little device.
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    The main reason I switched from ATT(Iphone) was the Nascar exclusives that Sprint offers, so it is a great thing for Sprint to offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by etx View Post
    Ok guys, I just got my pre and tested this out for you. Nascar is gone and gone from my pre, here is how I did it!

    1. Enable Root access, this is very simple, follow the wiki here: this site predev dot wikidot dot com/rooting (forum wont let me post links)

    2: once you're logged into the phone with novaterm issue these commands:
    mount -o remount,rw /
    cd /usr/palm/applications
    rm -rf
    The phone will reboot and Nascrap will be gone. Remember to DISABLE developer mode once your done. This info is also available on the wiki.
    confirm that it in fact works. if you try and open it before rebooting the phone just doesnt know what to do. it'll open up a blank card and jsut sit there. reboot and all nascar is gone forever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ha-me3 View Post
    I wonder how much nascar paid them to get this app on here. but like the other guy said, you can always just put it at the end on the 3rd tab lmao!
    Are you joking? Sprint pays NASCAR a LOT of money to be the sponsor - and despite all the NASCAR haters on this forum - its America's second-most-watched sport after football according to forbes mag... (

    I'm a fan... but I think only basic functionality apps should be locked down from removal - like bluetooth, wifi, the phone app, etc. There is an article on pre dev wiki on how to remove the NASCAR app if you have rooted your phone...
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