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    Hi Lucky Palm Pre owners,

    I am looking for Pre owners who will be willing to test my Palm OS games under MotionsApp "classic" Palm OS emulator**.

    It will be cool to find out if those games run on palm Pre as well.

    To make it worth your while, I will commit to provide you with free game(s) of your choice from the following list:

    Lunar Lander Simulator
    The most realistic flight simulator ever developed on Palm/Treo/Zodiac devices! It's all there, NASA voice calls, the same instruments Neil Alden Armstrong used and random lander failures!

    Space Dock Simulator
    A sequel to Lunar lander Simulator. This time you are training for the second most difficult phase of a Moon landing: The space rendez-vous between the command module and the lunar module.Actual NASA voice calls, the same instruments astronauts used and random spacecraft failures!

    Blue Diamond
    Takes place in a Swiss bank vault. You have been caught trying to steel the "Blue Diamond". You must now match wits with the bank's director in a high-stakes game of chance, skill, and timing.

    Finger Painter
    is a simple yet fun drawing application for young kids (and adults who are still young at heart!) With Finger Painter in your Palm or Zodiac device, you and your kids can enjoy painting anytime, anywhere. Finger Painter, with its different pen sizes and huge amounts of colors to choose from, will entertain your young kids for hours at a time. In addition, there are colorful and exotic brushes palette to open up their imagination.The best part? No mess and no cleaning afterward!

    Once I am satisfied that the games run (or not) on the Palm Pre + MotionsApp ("Classic"), I will announce it here and this test phase will be over.

    Thank you so much for any help I can get.

    You can check out these games here:

    SimToGo Games


    ** It looks like you will need to have an app called "Classic" from MotionsApp to run older Palm OS games/apps: Classic for webOS - MotionApps
    (By the way, is this app comes with the Pre, or needs to be purchased separately?....I hope it comes pre-installed on the Pre!)
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    classic is purchased seperately, $29.99
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    You can count me in for testing.
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    @ Glacius: $30?? that's a little steep! I thought, Palm would do the right thing and pre-install it on the Pre. I mean come on...

    @hchavarria. THANK YOU! Please let me know how it goes.
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    I'll test the finger painter, lunar, and space...not much else to test on the pre and it's short on games.
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    you can count me in to test on my phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by hchavarria View Post
    ...not much else to test on the pre and it's short on games.
    That's why I do not understand why Palm did not include "classic" form This will have been a good move to compete with the iPhone. It will take time for developers to adapt their apps to the Pre.

    I hope your testing of my little apps will work out!

    Let me know.

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    I have found two bugs. On the painting program if you run the FPainterLS version it is missing the right frame. On the Lunar app after I crash the first time and replay, the game freezes and crashes the classic app, when I rebot the classic app it shows a blue screen error.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Are you running the app in landscape mode? Does the Plam Pre even have a landscape mode (rotating the device on the side..)

    The lunar lander error is more problematic. Are you running the regular version 160x160 or the landscape version (160X240)?

    Thanks again.


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