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    a Podcast app.
    a Pocket tunes streaming real radio, not Pandora style fake ones.
    ability to select multiple emails for delete

    thats it.

    PS. classic emulator doesn't run TCPMP.
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    A Today (2day) app
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooneyca View Post
    A Today (2day) app
    More functional Twitter app.
    Myspace app
    Facebook app
    some kind of pushed content weather app
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    RSS Reader (for Google Reader)
    a better Twitter app
    a Toodledo or OmniFocus client
    Google Voice client
    TV schedule app
    a better calculator
    evernote client
    bible app
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    Pocket Tunes Deluxe with Subscription Rhapsody Music To Go Downloads.
    Phone Fusion Visual Voice Mail
    Calendar where I can choose which calendars show (multiple at once) Goosync?
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    I'd like to see something to manage the alerts / notifications / sounds better.. Palm did away with the LED on the top but I've notice the bottom LED's are actually able to be controlled via apps. I would love to be able to get them to blink or pulse if I've got an unread..

    also something to handle the screen lock better.. I don't like how it locks if on the charger.. and would like it to lock if I press the power button on touch.. however.. I have noticed, if you turn the power off.. the middle bottom button is disabled.. NO MORE **** DIALING!!!!
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    visual voicemail is super important

    copy/paste in email

    bookreader, although the screen may actually be a leeeetle small!
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    ebook reader
    Agendus Palm PIM
    Voice Recorder
    Also Known as 3_D
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    2day; ereader;butler;slingplayer;visual voice mail;voice dial; multiple email delete;pdanet;memos;camcorder like my 755p;
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    Google Reader or Byline
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    Why do people want a facebook app? Just go to facebook on the web
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    -flash plugin
    -A terminal with full access to the underlying file system.
    -ssh Client
    -ssh and http daemons (lol)
    -gnu keyring
    -shoutcast player
    -better media player
    -voice recorder
    -video camera
    -dope wars

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