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    I was able to sync epocrates without too much trouble. You need to install the single .prc file for setup.

    Also Andrew Yee's eponyms worked well, as well in Classic
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDRacingZX6R View Post
    I think because of the large amount of people in the medical community that need the classic palm software... We can all expect that fairly soon all medical programs will be compatible. At least I'm hoping thats the case.
    This is what I'm counting on. At least Epocrates. But it would also be nice to have everything I used on my Centro work on my Pre without having to use an emulator.
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    I have Tungsten E with Skyscape software already installed. Is there a way to migrate this to Palm Pre
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    Just got an email about Harrison's Manual of Medicine on Skyscape. Out of curiosity, checked excited to see palm pre. but its for palm pre classic. hopefully webos will come soon.

    I would post link but i'm a <15 post newbie
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    I am curious if you have tried the Motionapps emulator and can one confirm the compatibility of:

    Statcoder apps
    Skyscape apps

    Please post your experiences here.


    Were you able to install the UptoDate app for Palm or are you talking about a web version?

    I tried installing UPtodate into the instal folder on Classicapps and put the uptodate installer but i have no luck.
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    I wish I had the Pre to try! I was referring to the installed rather than web version of UpToDate
    What is the structure of the Classic folders? Where does the SD card emulator go? Is it a subfolder?
    My guess is to extract the UpToDate installation files onto a real SD card, then copy the Install.prc to the Classic installation folder, and the UpToDate folder with all the data files to the Classic SD folder.
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