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    Can anyone test Adarian Moneyt? I hope it works.
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    I've also got Java VM working. I have Opera Mini working just fine but any other java apps are still not working.
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    Open Chess and Shattered Worlds Space Combat (a nice 3D game) both work!
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    Use your finger and simply write on the screen of your PrPrPr&#$275$;. $Your$ $finger$ $strokes$ $are$ $recognized$ $and$ $converted$ $to$ $lettes$ $and$ $numbers$!

    MobileWrite gives you an option to use standard printed letters or Palm Graffiti gestures.
    Graffiti on a PrPrPr&#$275$; - $Handwriting$ $Recognition$ $App$

    It is absolutely cool to see this program work on a PrPrPr&#$275$;! $Especially$ $for$ $all$ $those$ $old$-$school$ $Palm$ $users$ $that$ $used$ $a$ $stylus$ $and$ $Graffiti$ $gestures$ $to$ $enter$ $data$ $into$ $the$ $handheld$.

    MobileWrite for Palm OS 3.7.2
    Inkmark Software, LLC
    Handwriting recognition software for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm Centro Treo 755p 680 700p 650Graffiti

    Classic v1.1.05 Build 2000

    My recommended settings:
    "Write on screen"(uncheck Write in input box"), "Show Ink", Writing Speed: 70% slider position.
    Letters: Graffiti 1 (uncheck "Write capitals in center")

    Tested extensively in Memos

    Click here for Complete Graffiti Gestures Chart
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    Any chance of having Lightwav work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RikM View Post
    Use your finger and simply write on the screen of your PrPrPr&#$275$;. $Your$ $finger$ $strokes$ $are$ $recognized$ $and$ $converted$ $to$ $lettes$ $and$ $numbers$!

    MobileWrite gives you an option to use standard printed letters or Palm Graffiti gestures.
    Graffiti on a PrPrPr&#$275$; - $Handwriting$ $Recognition$ $App$
    Graffiti Anywhere works as well

    The only trouble is it used the built-in G2, which is a pain on the letter "L" etc. I tried some hacked files which put the original G1 back onto my Treo680, but they did not help.

    Time to move on I think
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Just added FindHack and it works great.
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    Added both Watchmaker and Belltime. Both almost work, but neither has any sound files. anyone know how to get sound to either one of them?
    In between sound works with BellTime if you use Classic v2.1.2 with BellTime v1.5 and set Sound=Beeps in the tool settings for the alarm slot.
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    I've tried to get ZDoomZ and Zhexen to run on classic on the pixi but its no good. I'm using the 7 day trial if that makes any difference, but it goes to a black screen with a white dot in the center and says error cannot allocate so many bytes of data. Its a different number everytime. I'm assuming its a memory error. Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxdrive10 View Post
    I installed the following to get DocsToGo to work:

    I don't have some of those files. Probably because my docstogo files are from a Tungsten E2, which bit the dust. I just got a Pre and was dismayed to find that Dataviz has not yet released a version that works. Is there any way for me to get something that will work with Classics?
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    Does NOT work:
    List 1.1.5 - This is very disappointing as its one of my main apps. Looks like a deal breaker for me as I can find Pre replacements for the ones that work but can't find a good replacement for List.
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    Well it took two attempts but I FINALLY got Docs2Go loaded on my PRE via MotionApps Classic! Version 11.000 (510) AND IT WORKS! I can edit my excel sheets, view my power point presentations, read my WORD dox - ( I'm pretty tuckered so didn't attempt an edit of the WORD or PPT) - but I imagine they work well so far all buttons seem to work well - just need to learn HOW to touch them on the PRE screen. PINCH ZOOM works well. Accelermeter has no effect - but that's likely because such a thing didn't exist in the CLASSIC palm OS - right? MY T# had landscape - but I guess Classic emulates the 320 x 320 devices. No biggie - I'm used to the Centro screen size.

    Now if I could only locate the PDF files? I installed them in the same folder as the rest of the documents -

    Being able to edit my most used files (excel, word, & Text) on my PRE now make me a LOT happier!

    I used Card Export by Softick on the Centro to see my files. Windows explorer was used to locate my Dox2Go palm PRC files ( in programs on the PC hard drive) I simply dragged every last file in the Dox2Go folder that used a PALM INSTALL icon into the window opened when I connected the PRE to the USB cable.

    SO I had three windows open - 1 for the Centro where I grabbed the individual documents. 1 for the PC where I grabbed the program files. And finally 1 for the PRE where I dragged these items into the CLassic Install Folder.

    Disconnected Card Export on the Centro.
    Used Safe hardware remover to disconnect the PRE USB from the PC. WHich caused my PRE to restart itself. Tapped on Classic, then Documents to GO. Which flashed a screen telling me the PRC files were installing. and VOILA! Documents to go v 11 working on my PRE!

    I kept the document files on the Centro card and they all seemed to have automatically installed on the "virtual" card in Classic. More exploring will reveal how flexible and accessible the virtual card is -

    I've also installed TRYDA

    and u2u conversion program.

    WIll continue to install a couple more favs - like splash clock, rescoviewer and rescoe explorer.

    But have NOT yet decided hopw I want to install my PIMs - addys and peeps - yet.

    I've managed to retain a couple older PDA Performance programs - TO DO NOW task manager and Contacts5 which I did some personalizing years ago and just don't want to part with. - But will need to see how well they play in classic.

    OF course datebk6 which many folks have already met with success. MY personalized icons done in icon manager are another reason I want to retain this program.

    Anywa - I'm rambling - but happy to have Dox2Go working! THANK YOU Motion APPS! Looks like your program will be my very first PURCHASE for my PRE!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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