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    Not sure how other smart phones handle pdf's but I was hoping the Pre would read pdfs in landscape mode. Am I missing something? If not I'm sure they can fix it later or update it (fingers crossed).


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    I expect that they can fix this in an update... it was annoying for me too -- I was trying to read a PDF book, and the text gets way too small in portrait mode for a standard book.
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    Agree that text is way to small in Portrait and would be really nice to be able to go to Landscape and zoom.

    See this mod (which I believe requires rooting the Pre): Agree that I would expect Palm to fix this in an update.
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    The link you listed is a blank page. Do you know of another place I can find this info?
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    Anyone have any solutions for this problem yet?
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    The larger screen for pdf files is one of the main reasons I got the Pre
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    Can't post links yet but here is the address of the what I think liv2surf what trying to post and it does require a rooted pre. Remove the space after http and between the w's

    http ://w w

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