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    FWIW today the Google stuff populated on Pre in under an hour....a huge improvement.

    BUT, my appointments are strange - someone was an hour early and someone else was a no-show (both highly unusual). I know Pre repopulated all sessions of a recurring appt (even those cancelled going forward or weeks with individual changes). Is Pre might be altering things? Or am I becoming paranoid?
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    wow, i thought it was just me. but i see it in this thread. if i make a recurring event on google calendar it syncs for the next day on my pre. if i make a recurring event on the pre, change it later online at GC...the pre moves it to the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougDarden View Post
    I can confirm the same thing happened to me. I made two test appointments on my Pre and clicked "Sync Now". Appointment 1 with an "&" did NOT sync to GC. Appointment 2 with an "and" did sync to GC.

    Then, I changed the "&" in Appointment 1 to an "and" and pressed "Sync Now". It then sync'd instantly to GC.

    Nice catch, DrJosh.

    Edit: I can also confirm this on two other appointments I made earlier today on my Pre that did not sync to GC. They both had an "&" in them. I changed the "&" to "and", clicked "Sync Now" and they sync'd instantly to GC.
    Has anyone notified Palm of this bug? (is there a way to submit a "ticket"?) Telling Sprint about it is probably a waste of your time, since they generally don't even know their own names...
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    Well, here's another data point for the discussion - My Pre updated itself to the 1.02 firmware last night. Now my appointments that I had put on my Pre, including the first one from back on Saturday, have now shown up on my Google Calendar.

    I had still be running the original firmware as I had never been in a position to tie up my phone with the download when I remembered. Finally did it yesterday evening. What firmware is everyone else running?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc View Post
    Has anyone notified Palm of this bug? (is there a way to submit a "ticket"?) Telling Sprint about it is probably a waste of your time, since they generally don't even know their own names...
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    I've found a workaround solution that should work for everyone encountering this problem. Please note that it only works for those calendars you have 'admin' rights over (the ones which you can make changes to AND manage sharing of).

    Step 1: On your desktop, log into Google Calendar and click on "Settings" in the upper right portion of the page.

    Step 2: Beneath the heading "Calendar Settings" click on the "Calendars" tab.

    Step 3: Beneath the "My Calendars" section and above the "Other Calendars" section click the link titled "Export calendars"
    (This will download all of your calendars in a zip file. You'll need to know how to open a zip file or 'unzip' the file)

    Step 4: Unzip the files into a folder that will be easy to remember and navigate to like the desktop.

    Step 5: Be sure you've downloaded all of your calendars (steps 1-4 above) BEFORE continuing.

    Step 6: Go back to Google Calendar which should still be at the "Calendar Settings" page. (If it is not, follow the above steps to get there). Under "My Calendars" on the far right edge of the page click the link called "Delete" A confirmation dialog will popup, click on the button "Delete" Repeat this step for all of your calendars. Note: You cannot delete your default calendar which is the calendar that Google Calendar creates for you when you first sign up with Google Calendar. When you click "Delete" it will erase all events on this calendar which is enough for now.
    You should now be left with only the default calendar.

    Step 7: Now open "Preferences & Accounts" in your Pre's calendar application. Delete your Google account by tapping on it and then tapping on the "Remove Account" button.

    Step 8: Still within the "Preferences & Account" portion of your Pre's calendar application, tap "Add An Account" and add your Google account details. Wait for it to finish setting up and syncing the account.

    Step 9: If you only have use one calendar in Google Calendar, skip to step 10. The following step is for if you use multiple calendars: Go back to Google Calendar on your desktop and (still at the "Calendar Settings" page) click on the "Create new calendar" button and fill in all the information on the page. Then click on the "Create calendar" button. Repeat to recreate all the calendars you had before you started this. Once you have all the calendars you need, continue to step 10.

    Step 10: You should be on the Calendar Settings page and the "Calendars" tab. Click "Import Calendar" Click the "Choose file" button. Navigate to the folder you unzipped the calendars to and select the calendar you wish to import.
    Note: If you created multiple calendars in step 9, be sure you select the correct calendar in the "Choose Calendar" drop down.
    Click "Import"
    Note: If you have multiple calendars, DO NOT do any more, this must be done one at a time.

    Step 11: In your Pre's "Preferences & Account" portion of the calendar application, tap "Sync Now" Wait until it is done before continuing. Exit the calendar application.

    Step 12: Re-open your Pre's calendar application. Check if your data has appeared. If not, check that you followed the above steps. If so, congratulations!
    If you have multiple calendars, you must repeat steps 10-11 for each calendar you use.

    I hope this helps you, please let me know if you need and further clarification.
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    Is there a way to sync birthdays in contacts to my calendar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayou51 View Post
    Is there a way to sync birthdays in contacts to my calendar?
    Holy thread resurrection Batman! I don't know how to answer your question, but I will tell you thank you for searching first!
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