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    Given my Outlook/Exchange email is behind a corporate firewall, I've relied on SEVEN's email/calendar application.

    It installs fine and I can bring up the app ok to begin the setup process, but when it tries to connect to the SEVEN server, the following error pops up: "A voice call is in progress. Please hang up and try again."

    So after deleting the app with Classic, I tried again, copying all the preference PDB files over from my Centro, and install that with the SEVEN app. No luck.

    My Palm phones: i500 --> i550 --> 650 --> 700p --> Centro
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    I got the same error. I also got this message from Seven...


    Thank you for your interest in SEVEN. Unfortunately, the first iteration of the Palm Pre does not provide access to some of the key components that SEVEN needs to run on the platform. SEVEN will evaluate whether to port its Mobile Email and Messaging solution to the Palm WebOS as new versions of the platform become available.


    Isabelle Dumont | SEVEN Networks

    Sr Director, SEVEN Product and Corporate Marketing

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