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    Callrec is an invaluable app on my 755p. In the must have apps thread, many useres cited callrec as well. I asked the developer, Qmobilsoft, what their plans were with regard to the Pre. Their respnse is copied below:

    "Greetings from Qmobilsoft Team !

    For now callrec is only for Palm OS platform.
    Regarding Palm Pre phones ,first we need details about operating system, then SDK(developing kit) for that particular OS.
    Then we can start developing application.Because we already have application implementing is technical issue, and I hope that we can finish it quickly. Problem can occur if operating system have some limitations like iPHONE(doesn't support phone calls recording)."

    Does anyone know if their is a way to make this work with Classic until native programming is developed?
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    This is a great question, I'm guessing not. Classic can't even sync, right? Callrec is a very handy program, so hope something like it gets developed for Weboos.
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    I have been using mVoice by Motion Apps for a few years and am wondering if they are developing a webos version for the Pre. I haven't taken the time yet to email them and ask. I may try Callrec if they get theirs going first. You obviously like it similar to mVoice?

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