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    PDAnet does not work also.

    DocsToGo works great though.
    I also got DocsToGo work. Could not HotSync it. (iMac, with difficulty,Went from iMac10.4 to new iMac Snow Leopard) Did it by trying to reinstall the software on the iMac10.4 . Install stopped because I had a more current version installed. But it showed in a folder the files .prc & pdb files that would be installed on the palmOS Phone (Centro, Treo,...) Copy & paste files with USB file transfer to the correct directory for Classic.
    Only comment is the boxes are small for my finger to alway hit in DocsToGo. Orginally designed for a stylus not my finger.
    Still waiting for the WebOS version to show up..........
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    CorePlayer 1.3.6 ...plays video but no audio on two test files (xvid & h.246). Testing music files (mp3 and m4a) which also didn't work.

    Wished app would go full screen without buttons at bottom when held side ways for videos as well.
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