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    CJKOS (Chinese, Japanese, Korean OS) does not work.
    So I cannot input/read any Chinese stuff. That's painful and dismal.
    I need CJKOS because I use supermemo to memorize foreign vocabulary heavily.
    I yearn for a day when CJKOS works well on Classic 1.X(I hope X=1)
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    Kinoma and Pocket Tunes don't stream music or video
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    Support for network applications would be nice, so I could at least use pSSH until someone writes a native SSH client for the Pre.

    Is there word as to whether the next version will have network support?
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    Hmm, I tried TuSSH and it works. I wonder what the difference is between the way these two apps hit the network?

    TuSSH is okay but I'm used to pSSH which is more mature code and more stable (or at least it was on my Treo 650)

    At least I can SSH from my Pre for the time being so I'm mostly happy. 8)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenithNadir View Post
    new newness: after scrabble hung up the pre, i launched classic again and it re-crashed the pre. tried it once more, and classic re-imported my software and databases. launched nfl mobile to test it out too. classic froze. hit the center button jawn to go into card view... and i have a limitless supply of blank white cards! i can discard them, but they repopulate within seconds. i can re-arrange icons, call up the launcher, the ribbon, et cetera, but there's no actual functionality: the programs won't actually load.

    the power button-ringer switch reset trick got it back up and running. time to delete stuff from classic!
    I think something is seriously wrong with your Pre. I played Scrabble today on my Pre, with no problems (other than trying to tap the correct tiny space with my fat finger).
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.
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    Greetings all. I posted a list of working apps in the other thread. This one is the downside... These all work on my Palm T|X and my older Tungsten T3; no idea if they work on a Treo or not.

    MemCoach 1.5 (works, but WAY too fast to be usable)

    Power48 (emulator of an HP48SX calculator)
    Klondike 2.1 (crashes after entry of code. A pity; this was a FUN version)
    CityTime (world clock, similar to the Treo's built-in
    Rough Guide - New York (a pity, but with the browser might not be an issue).

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    I have 2 pre's and only one version of Classic. Can I copy it to my other phone?
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    TurboPasswords 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 do not work. (Flounder -666 error)
    Pssh Does not work
    Both Bejewled and Bejewled2 blue screen for me
    Cave run, runs. but framerate makes it impossible to use
    Solitare by Handmarks works but colors are all screwed up
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    Bejeweled 2 works for me, so maybe you could try a hard reset of PalmOS from within Classic and reload. I think there's something wrong with the way Classic handles previously installed programs. They don't seem to update properly when you reinstall. So I've had to do a hard reset from withing Classic.
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    skyscape apps dont work (even though advertised as such)...

    WOrdsmith won't work too (a serious dagger to me)
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    MobileDB gives a blue screen o' death, and Handmark's Solitaire has funky colors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobs01r6 View Post
    Bike or die does not work..
    I wrote to Sz:
    > i have held off on getting a palm pre and stuck with my 755p for now, for only two major reasons. Lack of Pdanet and lack of support for B.O.D. ~ do you have a time frame for when Bike or Die may become available on Pre?

    Sz responded:
    initially i thought that palm pre version of BoD is next to impossible - because palm said they will only support "web os" programming (which is not very well suited for games like BoD).
    it turns out, however, that there are ways to create "normal" applications as well, so i could try porting BoD to the new palm.
    by the way, i wonder if running BoD under "classic" environment emulation could do any good? i don't have a pre to test it, but if it works, it would be a nice temporary solution.
    or you could buy an iphone - there is BoD for it already... ;-)


    Any kind souls want to "lend" a Pre to Sz so he can start tinkering?
    Getting an iphone is not an option for me.

    You can find Szymon's email on his webpage for Bike or Die. I don't want to post it here.
    I am not sure where Sz lives nor if he is even willing to make it work on the Pre, but it's worth a shot.
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    pssh works. (but not the "treo650 hacked" version)
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    Honestly, the not-so-perfect behaving apps in Classic are the ones that have not gone through the Classic Certification Program.

    Classic is this bridge that we are building so users of Palm OS apps can get across from Treo and Centro to Pre. But for some apps, we need them to build a landing on the other side, an on-ramp, a few feet over the water may be to meet us and close the gap so a user can cross over.

    You are probably aware that MotionApps is not in a position to test all 30000+ Palm OS apps and to guarantee that they will work. This is why we started Classic Certification Program (Classic for Developers - MotionApps), to invite developers of Palm OS apps to follow few simple steps to make sure their app is working with Classic. We also provided the tools that will enable developers to implement changes within their app to better accommodate Classic environment (if needed).

    To support developers, we have Classic Certification Kit as a part of the Program (

    Long story short – your reports on the apps you tried with Classic are valuable to us, and we would love to have all of your feedback at Classic Well too (Classic Well - MotionApps)

    But what we can do together to get the apps not working so great with Classic to work as you would need them to, is to invite developers to use the resources and tools we provided to make sure their app works well in Classic.

    It’s a two-way street for all of us involved, and this is how we can make Classic on Pre the best it can be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827 View Post
    Call Block does not work.

    We need an WebOS CallBlock app!
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    PDAnet does not work also.

    DocsToGo works great though.
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    Has anyone here tried the Synthesis SyncML client via Classic? Any idea if it will work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJRitz View Post
    Has anyone here tried the Synthesis SyncML client via Classic? Any idea if it will work?

    Seems to work just fine. I think I might actually use the calendar in classic so I can sync it with my work...
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    Has anyone tried to use RescoView? I desperately need a photo editing app. DESPERATELY. Please help!
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    Titanic didn't work for me.
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