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    Please post apps that you have tested and actually work under the Pre Classic PalmOS emulator. Please only post if you have tested. If you can, point to a link/thread/source to download the app.

    Here is the thread for apps that DO NOT work...
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    Sorry, think there may be another duplicate thread.

    Here is what works for me, so far (by pasting the files in the emulator folder):

    Warfare Inc.!!! (still working on sound issues, may have missed a file or setting in emulator)
    9.95 Chess
    Adventure (except I can't figure out keyboard input?)
    World War (except colors make it hard to see)
    Benchmark (492% based on Palm IIIe, got even higher last night)
    Blackjack from Globalstar (color and black and white)
    Caribbean Stud from Globalstar (color and black and white)
    Tetris from Handmark
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    I tested noah pro free dictionary works
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    Monopoly from Handmark works fine.
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    MyBible with all 4 books I had off my Treo 700p work fine in classic. Also tried EzRemote 1.5 which is a RDP (terminal services) remote control client. It works as well.
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    Anybody use Roadsync (from Dataviz) on their treo/centro? This was the only way I could get email(Outlook without a complete exchange server) on my treo to work and my pre can't get my email, so I'd like to add classic & Roadsync again.

    Thanks in advance
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    eReader works
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    Pleco 2 (Chinese dictionary app).

    Solebon (solitaire game).
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    I got Warfare Ince to work and still have my serial number from years ago but it won't enter. Anyone have luck entering serial?

    Other working..
    StandAlone Pinochle and Spades
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    How about:
    Pocket tunes
    Card reader
    Volume care
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    Sol Free 4.3 (newest version I could find, and my favorite variety of solitaire to date) from Smallware.

    It seems to work fine aside from the card animation when pulling from deck being missing and the card animation in "auto play" being choppy.

    I logged about 20 hours of gametime without a crash or even a burp.

    I actually bought Classic just so I could play this.
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    Cachemate by Smittyware (Geocaching app).
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    CellarDoor 1.1.2 for Z-Code/Infocom text adventures
    CellarDoor 1.1.2 Documentation
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    I am so dumb, I ended up with two usernames! My join date appears to be 2007, so the precentral user accounts must have come from some other forum before?

    anyhow, kMoria and iRogue are great roguelikes that run fine on Classic
    Official: Roguelikes for PalmOS
    Unofficial build (tiles!): kMoria and iRogue for PalmOS updates
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    Arvale by PDAmill works.
    Snails also works.
    These and some other games are available for free here.

    Zuma by Astraware works.
    Mazera by Astraware works but managed to reboot(?) the Pre (palm screen) after some time. When I started it again, it seemed to work ok. Then I enabled sound which caused the Pre to reboot(?) again (palm screen). The game music was still playing, though! It only stopped when I started the emulator again. Oh well, this game is worth all the hassle.
    Psarakia by CrazySoft works but crashes after some time.
    Gloop Zero (free!) works but behaves similar to Mazera.
    TouchBricks by Toyspring works.
    Bike or Die 2 by Toysprong works. I couldn't get any version 1.x to work but version 2.1b seems to run beautifully with sound and keyboard support! Best mobile game ever!

    All these games tend to crash with sound after some time. I only tested them briefly so they might crash after some time even without sound. Still, awesome to see so much stuff from my Zodiac actually running well on the Pre!
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    SmartList To Go
    Time Apart
    Unit ConPro

    No sound from any of the above, but I've not really tried pushing it, so it may just be missing Mid sound file ? (Plus I'm running in Fast mode anyway)

    Very impressed, saves carrying my Treo with me while I sort out the 'clouds' thing, plus I really like CryptInfo and until SplashIP on the Pre sorts out backups I'm happy with CI via Classic
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    emedic 3.9

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