MotionApps Classic (for Palm Pre) - Full Review - Palm Pre by PC Magazine

The first must-have app for the new Palm Pre is MotionApps Classic, which lets Palm's new handset run many of the 30,000 programs written for the old PalmOS platform. Classic is definitely a work in progress, but it's a hugely important app for the Pre platform. Since the Pre's own native app store is so thin, this is how you're going to get most of your third-party apps for a while.
Classic emulates a Palm Centro running Palm OS 5.4.9, but, of course, it's much faster. Our copy of Classic got around 2,240 on the Speedy 7.1 Palm processor benchmark—faster than the Treo 755p, which got 1,515. It comes with the standard Palm calculator, PIM, and world clock applications.