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    Welcome to the Forum Reviews Section!

    If you're interested in reviewing a 3rd Party app for the webOS / Palm Pre, this is the place to post it. We're increasing the attachment cap to 10 so you can include lots of pictures (press Orange + Shift + P to get a screenshot).

    If your review is good, fresh-to-death, and we like it, we just may re-publish it on the main blog. If we do, we'll send you a coupon for $10 off any purchase at the Accessory store!

    Quick note: please only post new threads here that are App Reviews! Any other type of app discussion belongs in the webOS Software and Apps forum. This includes links to other reviews. First-person reviews here only!


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    Was mine not good enough?
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    Flight View: I don't know if this "review" is thorough enough for what you want, but I will post my experience with Flight View. First of all, the application is terrific. My daughter was flying from Kansas City to Dusseldorf-Germany and then onto Rome-Italy. I downloaded the application and within seconds I had selected the airlines and flight numbers. It was very, very easy to do on the Pre. I was then able to monitor her flights and the application was flawless. I was able to tell what time the plane pulled away from the gate, what time it was in the air, watched the plane's course while it was in the air etc. I knew that they were over an hour delayed leaving the terminal. I was able to see the plane flying off course a bit and the reason was obvious, because the plane was flying around a big thunderstorm which showed on the flight view. Very, very handy. I also enjoy that the flights can be added to your calendar along with personal notes regarding the trip. You can also set the app to send you notices about the flights such as being delayed etc. This should be prove to be extremely useful especially for people that travel a lot!
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    What's the policy on reviewing apps that have been already reviewed by others, but not picked by the admin?
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    i did a review on Roll Quest and I posted a thread for it in the App Reviews Forum... if you're too lazy here's the link where i posted it:

    App Review: Roll Quest | The Mx Web

    Please comment and pick me Precentral!!!!!

    PS: This review was done by me, but it is at the MxWeb site.
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    Has anyone ever had their review published on the main PreCentral blog?
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    oh yous guys must be talking about them real review reviews right lol
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    Can I review my own app?
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    Twee Review: Twee

    Skyclimber Review:

    Deer Hunter 3D:
    Deer Hunter 3d
    I love my Pre :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyceane View Post
    Can I review my own app?
    Is that like doing a "Self Assesment" before your annual review at work?

    Those are more a personality test than anything, aren't they? Are you the kind of person who says you did a GREAT job - SIX stars out of Five - (whether or not you did) or the kind who downplays your value in the interest of humility? Has anyone ever gained any value from one of those? Has anyone every honestly said, "I'm totally average."

    I have to admit that if I reviewed my own app it would be a travesty of journalism (a TRAVESTY I say) because I'd claim it did everything just short of raising the dead. I wouldn't expect anyone to believe me, of course, so I'll skip that step.

    I hope someone else will take it upon themself to review my app. Unless they don't like it. I mean I wouldn't want you to lie to the public, but please, feel free to lie to me. My fanbase LOVES my app (Hi, Mom!). Saddly, the truth is my mom has NOT seen my app and is therefore not a fan.

    But literally more than a dozen people have bought it so far (at the time of this posting there were 4 from the web distr version and 16 from the app catalog), and oddly enough it looks like in the Books category, that pushes me kind of high in the rankings. I am mostly competing with dead Victorians and Wikipedia, however, so I won't let it go to my head if I cross that magical 2 dozen mark.
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    What is your app? this is my 10th post now, so I guess i will see the answer in your sig when I hit post.
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    Ok, I see your sig, and I checked out what your app is about. It actually sounds right up my alley. I will purchase and dl the app. Gimme a week or two (depending oh how much I like it) and I'll post a review.

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