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    I am guessing pretty quick...... if it isnt there already.
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    I'm hoping never
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    only if it's free. who's going to take the time to venture to a third party site to download it? I think half the apps are impulse buys in the iphone app store. If you had to put an ounce of effort into buying it, many wouldn't.
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    Dear Moderators:

    Please have this thread moved, closed, deleted, shredded and then burned.

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    One of the nice things about the Pre is that developers can sell their wares outside of the App Catalog. That means Palm can pick and choose what to include instead of cluttering it with 35,000 pieces of crap. If you really want it I'm sure you'll be able to find a fart app elsewhere. There will probably be a whole site devoted to sophomoric humor.
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    They're already tons of fart apps in the App Store, but in the App Catalog I hope they don't make it through at all.
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    I had (lemme check...ooh, no - still have) an app called PalmPuke on my Treo 600 that would make a retching noise whenever the SD card was ejected. It was spring-loaded, so sometimes if my beltcase got squished or I dropped it, the card would eject and the Treo would vomit.

    It always used to make me chuckle, up until when it happened in a rather serious business meeting.

    Well, that would explain why I disabled it. Good safety feature though.

    Betcha someone does some audio skinning for the Pre...perhaps a "bloop" sound to go with the gesture ripple effect, a...uh..."banana" sound to go with the opening keyboard action...well, you get it.

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    This would be the last application id install.
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    It'll be available right after the one millionth fliashlight application is added.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krod301 View Post
    They're already tons of fart apps in the App Store, but in the App Catalog I hope they don't make it through at all.
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