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    I wanted to know what apps everyone is hoping for?
    Please tell!
    I really am hoping for a password keeper. I have a BB Curve now and I'm getting everything ready to move to the Palm Pre and I am majorly bumming out about not having my password app.
    My 2 cents!
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    I want a text messaging app that will:

    1) Allow me to type a 300 character text and then automatically break it up and send it as two consecutive text messages.

    2) Have spell checker. Maybe similar to the Instinct where it highlights misspelled words and you tap on them to get a list of suggested corrections.

    3) Auto-correct like in M$ Word. For example, if I type "teh", it automatically corrects it to "the" and automatically corrects "i" to "I" and so forth.

    4) In the same vain of #3, the ability to set up custom auto-completion words so I could type "tn" and it would automatically convert to "tonight"

    5) Set up auto responses to incoming text messages like "In a meeting, can't talk right now"

    6) Customizable spam filter to automatically delete incoming texts that have "we buy gold" or whatever you want in the message

    7) Maybe even text-to-speech for listening to text messages when otherwise indisposed (i.e. driving lol)

    Incidently, I listed these in order of importance, and if somebody came out with an app that ONLY did #1 I would be more than happy.
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    - I'd like to see a DVD app. Basically for DVD collectors, it lets you enter your entire collection onto the device. When you're out and about and purchase a new movie, you can easily enter the UPC or title in the app and it will update your database!

    - I'd like to see something like Remember the Milk (to do list application), but I guess the calendar will do a good job. Looks like they did a lot with it.
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    divx player with streaming capability, network or internet
    and maybe a mkv player too
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    I have to have an app similar to GPS Cycle Computer that I use on my Mogul before I can purchase the Pre. I run or walk 6 times a week, and this is a must have for me to switch. Is the GPS available to 3rd party apps for stuff like this- does anyone know? I would be really disappointed if the GPS could only be used for Sprint's Navigation app.
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    From what I understand, the GPS is fully available to 3rd party apps
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    Personally, I am really hoping Natara releases Pre versions of Bonsai and Daynotez.

    They are stellar applications I use religiously... But the idea of running the classic version through a PalmOS emulator isn't very appealing. I'd love (and would happily pay) to see newer greater versions that make special use of WebOS and the Pre!
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