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    Does anyone know if the Pre will run Java applications? According to phonearena, it won't, which doesn't make sense to me.
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    Nope, it doesn't have a Java engine. Pre applications are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (which is in not Java, though works in kind of the same way).
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    Since webOS runs on Linux, do you think that palm might be able to add a JavaVM to the webOS "server" to support J2ME? It would have to prob come from Palm since that would be pretty deep in the FW...
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    I'm going to try running the IBM WebSphere JVM in Classic, if I can still find the installer on my hard drive.
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    That would be really interesting, if Java were able to run on Pre. This would enable a little lower-level access to the OS. Maybe, Palm will give devs a choice between the web standard HTML+CSS+JSJSJS $or$ $a$ $lower$ $level$ $language$, $like$ $Java$.

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