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    Taken from the userguide

    To purchase the app, tap Download. (If you have already installed the application, you
    do not see a Download button. Tap Update if an update is available. If the app is not
    free, you are taken to the developerís website to purchase the app.

    Before you tap Download or Update make sure you know whether the app
    is free, must be bought, or can be downloaded in a trial version before you
    buy it. Tapping either button commits you to buy a fee-based app. You also
    need to make sure you have enough storage space on your phone to fit the
    app. Open Device Info and look at the Available field under Phone.

    Some thoughts come to mind here...

    1. For all the anticipating the Pre does, Palm isn't going to show how much space you have available while in the catalog?

    2. It appears that to purchase any app, it will open a web page to the developer's website to purchase it. Not a quick process IMO.
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    There isn't a centralized place where we can download the app? We have to go to the developer's website? That's weird....
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    i guess that is good for two reasons i can think of. none of which make it easier for us.

    1. i would assume the developer get more or all the procedes and not a middle man who did nothing

    2. if there is a problem with the app, you can pull up your history go to that persons web site, then you have a direct person to complain to and make them fix it since you paid for it. this way it may hold more accountability.

    i have heard of a lot of other apps that dont work and once you purchase it your pretty much just stuck and wasted monies. i know this has happend to me and its why i dont purchase apps any longer. HOWEVER i am not the only person i know of that this has happend to.
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    Yep, there's great advantages here if you can look past the convenience factor. One could argue though that this is how its always been for years...with the new thing being a phone app just providing a catalog of links to purchase.

    I disagree about the middleman thing. There's no such thing as crossing out that. Someone has to host it and provide that service whether palm does it or the developer.

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