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    I dont know if anyone posted this idea yet but considering I just went over on my minutes this period...

    I wish for a minute/text reminder app. I know most people are on unlimited plans cuz its so dam cheap but I dont use a lot of voice calls regularly so I only have 450 min. the way web os notifications are set up it would be nice to have a little reminder pop up at set intervals to notify when you are approaching your limit.

    Also a better Alarm clock app like G-Alarm for WM. Its very flexible with tons of options which would be great on the pre because my phones have always served as my alarm clock
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    Here are some the apps I would like to see:

    Spoof App
    Visual Voicemail
    LED Flashlight
    Most of The Apple Apps

    Whatever happen to the Loopt App?
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    Podcatcher (see BeyondPod for WinMo)
    WiFi file transfer / sync
    Voice dial
    PocketQuicken (how many have said this already?)

    Would also like to make the thing more usable when there's no data connection available. Specifically:
    Turn by turn GPS that doesn't require an active data connection
    - Just store the maps on the device like TomTom Nav6 on PalmOS did. I can find my way around a city. I need my GPS to rescue me when I'm lost out in the boonies, and there ain't much data coverage out there!

    Something like the Plucker / Sunrise combo on PalmOS
    - Something that wakes up in the morning and cache's a day's worth of content to the device for offline viewing later in the day. Handy if you have good data coverage where you sleep but not necesarily everywhere else you travel in a day.

    For as great as Synergy is supposed to be at integrating all of our contact data, I can't believe listing a birthday in a contact file doesn't automatically create an event on the calendar!
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    definitely my most needed is datebook6 (hopefully fully integrated with google calendar)
    After that:
    Google Reader App
    Picassa App
    Scientific Calculator App
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    I agree with many of the suggestsions, but one of my favorite for Palm to address would be the idea of customizable power profiles. I do not get cell phone service in the dungeon where I work, so every day I need to turn on airplane mode and the go back and turn the wireless back on. Likewise, when I drive home, I'd like my bluetooth on, my cell on, but my wireless off. Being able to create customizable profiles would allow everyone to build profiles to meet their unique needs.

    Also, I would appreciate the choice is my wireless shots down when my device goes to sleep. The phone does not, why should the wireless?

    Having said that, I would hope that the GPS does not operate until an app requires it. Right, Palm?
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    Maybe a program that will mark your current location on googlemaps and save it, so when you park your car, you can walk back to it hours later if you don't remember where you parked.
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    a ps3 friends app would be the best. and a remote play app for ps3 would allow me to stream movies to my phone and control the ps3 remotely, id have access to my computer, and the gigibyte hd attatched to my computer, it would be bad ***. it would be just like having a psp.
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    iPhone currently has an app called CardStar that allows users to input rewards card numbers into the program (i.e a CVS card #) for which the app creates a scanable barcode to use at the checkout lane. I checked CardStar's website and supposedly they are planning an app for the Pre, but there is no indication when it will be released. The CardStar app also supports gym membership cards and some library cards.

    I am a rewards queen, so this would be a great app for my Pre.
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    The ability to TAB between fields in apps and online. It would be faster than having to finger-tap each field individually. Maybe this could be part of a KeyCaps type feature...

    Also, to take advantage of all that screen real estate that the physical keyboard frees up, I'd like to see a predictive text feature like the one on the Touch Pro. (selectable options along bottom of screen) This would have to go hand in hand with a spell check feature of course...

    ? ?
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    How about an app that you can easily load and unload homebrew apps
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    A Running app much like the Nike+ ipod sync.

    Run Music
    Track Distance
    Tweet Run
    Share Fav Runs
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    I swear I posted this somewhere in this thread. Must've been another forum...

    A Digital Photo Frame would be a great app. Have it cycle through your photos (select specific folders or all random, like the music app).

    I leave my phone plugged up on my desk all day while I'm at work, so it's always charged. I'd like to have it scrolling through pictures while sitting on my desk, like a Digital Photo Frame.

    - Screen always on
    - Select a single folder or all files (mimic the music app)
    - Duration setting for pictures to display

    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbid View Post
    I wish for a minute/text reminder app. I know most people are on unlimited plans cuz its so dam cheap but I dont use a lot of voice calls regularly so I only have 450 min. the way web os notifications are set up it would be nice to have a little reminder pop up at set intervals to notify when you are approaching your limit.
    There is a Gadget for your iGoogle homepage that shows your usage. If Sprint or someone could integrate that into an app, I think it'd be awesome.
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    Ps3 Friends app
    Gps Mph app,
    Pedometer App
    bluetooth object push app
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    Would like to see an app to add/delete pages from the Launcher. Done the rooting type but and IPK GUI type will be liked my many.
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    Quote Originally Posted by algee650 View Post
    A skycaddie type of app would be awesome! Have the location services already, just need to maps to each and every golf course : )
    This would be friggin awesome! Does iphone have something like this?
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    callblock Ringtone

    Please, I haven't purchased the pre because this application hasn't come out for it, I get too many calls from unwanted 1-800's I need this please, Thank you in advance.
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    If I don't get a Yahoo! messenger app soon I'm going to throw this phone off a cliff! No one uses AIM or google messaging.
    Come on!!!! Still only 30 apps, and only a few I use??!??
    No way to get that stupid nascar crap off of my phone??!!!??
    Get with it Palm. I really want to love this phone.
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    I posted this elsewhere, as well...

    I'd like to see something like nike+ or a gps based running app and somehting like Lose It for the tracks calories in and calories out and includes a database of foods and exercie, plus the ability to add your own.

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    Any Finance app where i can track my expenses
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