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    I need Flash Player built in...COME ON.... That should have been built in! Verizon customers can send animated MMS with no problem! When I get an animated msg.... Nothing is moving....& I have to initiate the play button for the audio to start! That is so WHACK! When my husband receives these animated jokes on his VZN Dare.... It plays A moves as soon as you click onit...I need that in my life!

    Funny thing is the pre plays animated Avatars! Got one on one of contacts that uses it for AIM...go figure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlyn McKenzie View Post
    Bluetooth Tether app, or at least USB.
    SSH, I really want this!
    Remote Desktop client, although I know this is unlikely.
    VNC client, if RDC isn't possible.
    Oh-so-very seconded! And, in addition...

    1) A small addition to the photo management app: On top of being able to upload to Facebook and Flickr, make it able to upload via standard protocols to other locations. I keep my photos on my webserver. I'd love to be able to snap a photo, hit a button and have it sent automatically to my server via SFTP, SCP, whatever.

    2) The ability to read USB flash drives. This is rather poor use of battery power, so the user would want to manage it carefully. It would be very cool, though, to have access to 32GB of offline, portable storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaqdymun View Post
    I need Flash Player built in...COME ON....
    Both Palm and Adobe have confirmed that full flash support will happen by the end of the year.

    The only must have app for me is an SSH client.
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    I'd like an app to post to my blogspot blog...with photos! I know you can browse to the posting page but there is no ability to post a picture. ...and I can't cut and paste the URL to point to photobucket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MRBULLRED View Post
    ??? If you press shift twice, the little dot changes to black to indicate caps lock is on
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    Perhaps not full "apps" but at least addons or patches...

    - msg/voicemail/email external light indicator (easy enough w/ center button LED)
    - txt msg sound selection
    - txt msg emoticons (can't find this anywhere )
    - collapsible subfolders in email (business users are going to HATE this phone to start)
    - with sprintTV app (radio stations), ability to turn off the screen when listening to music -- just wastes power as is
    - shut down timer (like a sleep timer on your radio for night use...pTunes used to have a "stop playing after xx minutes" feature)
    - smaller global font size option

    Other things that will be coming (some seconded):
    - video recorder
    - barcode reader (this has been 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th already!)

    Centralized preferences? The Treo 755p did a decent job of allowing people one (or at least a couple) consolidated places for preference selection. So far on the Pre I'm having to enter each individual app to change prefs. This is fine for 3rd party apps where Palm had no idea of the prefs, but for the "standard, preloaded" apps (display/sounds/power/etc) why not make it centralized as an extra option?
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    Visual Voicemail
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    I want a gmail app. I don't think palm will cater their email client to gmail, but I want something I can easily star, archive, label, and delete.

    Alternatively, google can make a pre-specific mobile page that can somehow do push email, and tie into the notification system.
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    Equalizer app. I love Pandora, but sometimes the bass isn't what I want. An app that plugs an equalizer into all sound apps would be WONDERFUL!!!
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    I desperately need:

    DateBk6 (pleeeaaase, CESD, please!)
    World Clock
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    Irfanview or similar simple image program
    Include autorotate feature to basically applicable app, wall paper, pdf view to make reading easier etc.
    Option to delete Apps!
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    Something that will tell me right before I check 10 times a day that there is nothing new...
    Treo 300,600,650,755p and now Pre
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    Visual voicemail
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    My wife suggested an App for important dates, birthdays, aniv, etc that you can enter in info and it will link it to your contacts and then automatically enter it into your calendars with a reminder.

    I would like to see a new texting app that allows group texting, and that will have a quick entry feature with "pre" written templates that we can produce like "my address is...., or my email is...." so we don't have to type out every single message out over and over.

    Just some food for thought. Do developers dwell here?
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    online multiplayer Texas Hold 'Em poker damit!!
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    Some phone dialer mods:
    1) The call log should tell you the call duration.

    2) Entering a phone number, but before dialing it, I'd like to see the area to be called shown, like all the other Sprint phones. Example: entering 4125551234 tells you it is Pennsylvania, entering 5025551234 tells you it is Arizona, entering 2065551234 tells you it is Washington. (I seem to recall there was at least one Sprint phone I was checking out, that told you the area code right after you got the first 3 numbers in (it assumed you just entered an area code).
    Note: if the area codes are a bit more defined than that, such as western Pennsylvania, or Seattle area of Washington, then that would even be nicer.

    3) The ability to select a series of numbers, as you might have in a memo or the notes of a Contact, and have them copied into the Dialer. Then all you need to do is press the "Call" button to have it dialed.
    (I keep oddball phone numbers, for various purposes, attached to some of my clients. But I don't want to use the defined phone categories (Mobile, Home, Work, Fax, and Other). I might need a "mornings only" or a "call when the mobile or home does not answer" etc. Those notes I can type in, with a number next to it. All I need now is a simple way of making my noted phone numbers easily dial-able.)

    4) Categories for the Contact List.
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    Visual Voice Mail and PLEASE....I NEED A SPELL CHECK! I cnt spel wrth a drn.
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    --MS Office editing or something txt/spreadsheet analog with sync options
    --whoopie cushion
    --ebook reader that's polished
    --webOS 5.0
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    More feature rich photo organizer - ability to edit photos...organize albums...upload to various sites...ability to tag and add captions.

    Video uploader - Once the video capabilities of the phone are unleashed, this will definitely be a must-have..ability to upload to various websites..including FB....can't wait!!

    Bathroom app - Utilizing location services, tell you where the surrounding public bathrooms many stalls.
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