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    A good RSS/Blog reader. I am getting sick of google reader.

    What happened to Freerange? Loved it on my centro.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Also some sort of IM program like Mundu or heck Pidgin, for us linux users. Terminal, another browser maybe Opera mobile/mini, tabbed browsing. Some sort of virtualization, and RDP, I prefer logmein. Skype or like iPhones Fringe
    the messaging app is actually using the same behind-the-scenes code as pidgin, it is just a matter of adding additional protocols (YIM, FB, MSN, etc). give it time and all will be supported.
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    Two minor that I used frequently on the Instinct:
    Tip calculator
    Stop Watch
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    voice dial

    profiles - need to be able to customize email alerts for specific incoming addresses. would also like to be able to customize when certain profiles become active (time based).

    directv scheduler

    yahoo radio

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    Since this is a wish list ...

    I'd like to see Flash, SSL, Java (don't say bloat - I've got work apps that use it.)


    photo editing - (crop, lighting corrections, auto-correct for blur from moving hand?)
    voice recorder
    shopping list (with price search would be great!)
    stop watch

    dreaming now: The merging of apps
    call/message sound filter based upon appointment - such as don't interrupt this meeting unless the call is from xxxx
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    I can't believe I have to say this for a "web2.0" device but....

    onboard Wiki with backlinks support. I want to be able to jump from one memo to another based on keywords and back again. They can be enclosed by brackets or other symbols but I have palmwiki and it makes my life soooo nice.

    A decent, category-based text editor. 95% of the time I don't need the overhead of Docs2Go, but I need something beefier than the Pre's memos and it definitely need category support.

    I need categories for Contacts and documents. blah-blah-Universal Search, look people, I'm getting older and I suck at remembering names. I need categories in my Contacts and documents so I can *FIND* the name of the person/place/thing I'm looking for. Yes, Universal search will pull up everyone who has a email but often I don't have full contact lists for people I run into at meetings. I get a first name and maybe a last name.
    Heck, lots of times I'm not sure if the people at the meeting are direct employees or outside consultants so I just chuck their name in the appropriate business-related sub-category and use palm-wiki to link their name to the meeting so that later I can go back and fill in as I figure out who they are.

    An e-book reader is another must-have. I got a ton of them. Please, please, be able to read pdbs, since I'm not sure where they all came from. Well, I guess I could use mobipocket desktop to convert but I like the graphics and I'm not sure how well they'll survive. Something that's plucker-friendly would be nice but I can redownload my plucker books to text or something.

    A good countup/down stopwatch timer. I often lose track of time while grilling (I *said* I was getting old) and use my phone as a cooking timer. Have it hit the notification system so if I start reading an ebook I get my reminder. The count-up function is good for timing presentations and the like, as well.

    Minesweeper and Mah-johng. (I'm simple)

    A pedometer based on the accelerometer.
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    I got one that would help everyone including pre/palm/sprint servers....

    How about the possibility of a notification reminder when a new app arrives in the app cat.?!

    How many of you load up the app cat. Various times throughout the day?

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    1. Mint app
    2. Landscape touch keyboard
    3. Visual Voicemail
    4. Hulu
    5. Shopsavvy
  9. #109 supporting streams and scrobbling from palm's music app
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    I hope to see Skype app soon, but I have been seeing other articles saying that they wont until they see the outcome of the pre.
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    a good shopping list app like handyShopper
    a nice selection of solitaire games
    some kind of money management app, like pocketQuicken that could synch with the desktop Quicken via wifi or whatever.
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    Been mentioned before, but I'd like Yahoo Instant Messenger and Voice Dial
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    First time post.

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    Butler for the Pre. I loved it on the centro.
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    Yeah I know these are mundane compared with most of the stuff on the wish list but I'd like a decent solitaire game and a grocery list.
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    Speed dial page that displays your speed dial list and lets you hit their name/picture to dial, instead of having to assign specific keys to your contacts.

    Some kind of flashing light to notify you if you missed a call/email/text/etc.
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    My friend just showed me Space Ace on his iphone. I want that!
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    For the love of god, why would Palm not include this? Are they retarded?
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    -Bible with multiple translations app
    -Touchscreen keyboard for quick texts, data entry etc

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