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    Whats On?/TVGuide! So nice when you don't have a digital guide on the TV you are using. Just DL'ed one today for my Touch.

    A remote app to control iTunes or WMP.

    Minesweeper...other popular games.

    That would be my wish list.
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    Standalone Software: Please please PLEASE port Crosswords to the Pre! I'm going through withdrawls here!
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    -Quicken for Pre - synch to Mac or PC version of Quicken
    -Things for Pre - synch to this great Mac task manager
    -1 Password for Pre - synch to this great password database on Mac
    -Bento for Pre (doubtful but wishlist)
    -Barcode scanner
    -Facebook app
    -Bible with multiple translations app
    -Touchscreen keyboard for quick texts, data entry etc
    -All sports app - ie scoreboard, schedule, record for NCAA, Pros, etc all of sports (ability to choose favorites, etc) much like the one the Instinct was nice to have (when it worked)
    - Alarm clock app
    - way to track workouts
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    World 9 FTW.
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    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but

    1. Financial'/checkbook software that utilized direct connect to pull down transactions right from my bank and let me organize them (expense, deposits, etc.)
    2. A good grocery list program (like handyshopper)
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    a 3rd party exchange email program to better manage email
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    - Gnu Keyring
    - Call filter (Send Paul directly to vm if he calls during work hours M-F, etc)
    - flash plugin
    - Skype client
    - Sound recorder
    - Video recorder / Vimeo uploader
    - Barcode scanner / price search
    - Barcode scanner / torrent setup (like Torrent Droid: Scan Barcodes, Get Torrents | TorrentFreak)
    - twitter user pix in twitter sms
    - More instant message networks
    - twitpix photo upload
    - flickr photo upload
    - vimeo player
    - social mapper (social analytics)
    - Friendfeed
    - Weather Underground
    - Photo editor that uses multitouch to crop and distort, runs basic filters, etc.
  9. jerseyx2002
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    I would love a golf scorecard app as well as a yahoo app and an app for a grocery list
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    Call Block or a Call Filter type app, to filter out unwanted calls during my office hours!
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    I'd use a twitter app, some games of course, rss not sure what else. obviously I have crap for apps on my winmo device now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gochris View Post
    I'd use a twitter app, some games of course, rss not sure what else. obviously I have crap for apps on my winmo device now.

    there is a twitter app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YBCold View Post
    I really wish that the Bluetooth would look for more than just an ear piece. IF you could search for other bluetoth devices and sync with your PC to transfer file wirelessly (like a PSP shares game demos) I would never even think about getting rid of this phone.
    That and drivers for the palm bluetooth keyboard (or any HID Compatible Bluetooth keyboard).
    And full Docs to Go (or equivalent) with editing and *.doc/*.docx support (might be a bit much to hope for *.odt support, but hey, one can dream, eh?)

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    I want a location based app that will change your phone settings depending on your location, such as turn the ringer off when you get to your work, doctors office, bank, etc. When you get home, the phone could automatically transfer your calls to your land line, turn wifi on and off..... The only downfall is that you would need to keep gps active.... unless triangulation will be accurate enough...
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    someone probably already said this, but a pre version of LJP! just that and i'll be a happy camper
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    VOLUME CARE! The sound quality on this device sucks! Ppl used to love to use my 700P when I had volume care loaded it was crisp and clear and again louder.

    Also some sort of IM program like Mundu or heck Pidgin, for us linux users. Terminal, another browser maybe Opera mobile/mini, tabbed browsing. Some sort of virtualization, and RDP, I prefer logmein. Skype or like iPhones Fringe
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    DYNOLICIOUS - It is available on the iPhone but it is a cool and accurate (FROM WHAT I'VE READ) car dyno application.


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    KeyCaps. I really liked one handed typing on my Treos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbc28 View Post
    +1....and if the weather and radar could tie into the gps that would be nice. I travel a lot and hate having to type in a new location.
    +1 again on weather app with moving radar and GPS location overlay. I live in Oklahoma and It would be awesome to know just how close the nasty part (hail tornados) of the storm really is.

    Also a Geocaching app as well. Hopefully the folks over at will port their iPhone app over to the Pre soon.
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    I would like to have some sort of ringer profiles, and the ability to set different sounds for different events (email, IM, SMS, phone call).

    When I'm at my computer, I don't want it to make any noise for IMs, but still do for SMS and calls... when I'm not, I want it to play a sound for them. When I'm asleep, I still want it to ring if I get a call, but not make any noise on any other events.

    Might try to see if I can write something like this when I can finally get at the SDK.

    And of course, I will try to get KeyCaps ported.

    I also want a lot of the other suggestions here... barcode/amazon scanner, call filter, skype, geocaching (haven't done that in ages, would like to start again), facebook, more full featured twitter app (would like most of tweetdeck's features, groups especially), ... lots more.
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