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    A client app
    A 4chan app
    A google play music client
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    Share(upload) to instagram and/or patch, just like the photobucket and Facebook account already built into the os .

    remove app launcher icon Patch so I can add 6 real apps to the quick launch bar.
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    @patchiman: There is already a Google Play Music client in Preware.
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    I'd hate to say it but I've seen instagram and snapchat on my GF's android smartphone and I want them, i'd prefer to get some instagram love long before snap chat but I'll take can get. I know, I know... they are two totally different things but they both are super cool apps. The only other thing would be an app where we can download music for free. Once again android has it and it works great but webOS lovers are out in the cold... atleast my gf's nice enough to text me the mp3's I want....
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    Telecine Play
    HBO GO
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    I may as well post here - probably not worth a new thread. Someone suggested using Slack recently and I had the usual, ' won't be available on webOS' feeling. I've never used it, but understand it's a very popular IRC / twitter / email-type messaging system for project collaboration. I also see there are developer pages and an API. So...

    Does anyone use it? Is it any good?
    webOS: Is there any kind of app? Web interface (that won't crash the browser!)?
    LuneOS: Presumably there's is no technical reason why a Slack app couldn't be built for the more modern platform..?
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