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    ubuntu one client? anybody?
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    Hi, I don't have a specific app request, rather I had a question for developers. I was wondering if WebOS limitations prevent developers from integrating some really interesting transitions within an app. I love WebOS and functionally, it's the best OS around for mobile IMO. But often, I find the UI rather bland. I'm not a programmer so I have no idea what goes into making flashy transitions or how to theme something so the colors pop and whatnot. I don't play many games, but I sure do like eye candy.

    I just ordered a TP and I'm really excited to see what the future of WebOS will be like. I picked up an iPad for my parents and fell in love with Flipboard. Any chance we get an RSS reader with an interface like that?
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    This has already been mentioned, I'm sure, but I request an app or patch to bring in the ability to Text Wrap on any web browser page. My eyes are getting older and I am tired of going back left to right when scrolling because I had to enlarge the lettering to read better. My wife's Droid 2 Global has it and I think we (Webos) should have had it since 1.x. Thanks.
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    I was surprised to see that there is no app in the catalog that can play MIDIs.

    It'd be great to see a player, or even an editor.
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    words with friends
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    I can't seem to find an app that will let you subscribe to video RSS feeds on the TouchPad and *also* let you 1) set the order of playback (like drPodder), 2) when I'm done viewing the vidcast let me delete from my list, and 3) let me bookmark the vidcast so when I continue watching it next week, I don't have to remember where I left off.

    I've tried VideoFlood but you can't delete the individual episode in the RSS feed and there's no bookmarking. I guess I'm looking for "drPodder HD" but that would also remember where in the video I was when I stopped watching (like drPodder does with audio podcasts). Can that be done? If not, just an app that I could have RSS feeds of videos for the TP. Right now, I have my audio and video podcasts on my Pre2 via drPodder but would like to move my video ones to my TP.

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    I have seen emulators for the PC but I would LOVE to see a app for WebOS that emulates a CAS capable calculator such as the HP49/50 or the TI89 or greater. Would be REALLY handy to have for some of my math courses in the future.
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    Engadget and
    Gizmodo and
    Associated Press and
    Checkers and
    a decent eReader(Stanza PLZ!) and
    Computer Trackpad app and
    cut the rope and
    Mint (online finance solution) and
    word lens and
    netflix and
    plants vs zombies

    Yep thats about it :-)
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    plants vs zombies!
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    IP cam viewer that includes sound.

    Especially for Trendnet and Foscam cams.
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    Full support from :

    Big Fish Games
    Electronic Arts
    Square Enix

    TextFree, Pandora, HBO, MAX, Netflix
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    Calorie Counter by FatSecret
    Modern Facebook App w/Chat
    HBO Go
    Hulu Plus
    iheartradio (for Pre 3)
    Splashtop Remote Desktop (for Pre 3)

    Cut The Rope
    Lemonade Tycoon
    Oregon Trail
    Paper Toss
    World of Goo
    Words With Friends
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    I want a voip app. its every where on other phone. but here on webos.
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    video chat like in yahoo messenger or msn messenger
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    MPD client \o/
    Ubuntu (PC) / Debian (NsLu2 thx rwhitby) / HP TouchPad
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    Ideally an app that can make screencasts on WebOS 2.1 (and 1.4.5).
    Don't know if this project from 2009 is still usable:
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    Quote Originally Posted by samir851 View Post
    I want a voip app.
    Exists! Search for linphone, both here and on webos-internals.

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