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    Quote Originally Posted by devilxvergil View Post
    keep track of my daily life, without having logging in to blogger and so on ?
    notes doesnt have dates =/
    Okay. I put dates in the subject line for notes and you can sms or e-mail blogger & it will automatically post your entry to your blogger site. You don't have to log in. Before I got notes, I used memos and sms to post to blogger. Now I find I don't use it as much. I tweet while I workout at the gym and when something is detailed, I use notes.
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    Windows Live
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    I wish there was an app where we could submit ideas for apps to be developed
    also, Call recorder that records calls without having to open the app neccissarily. I know for developers thats a mess cuz the whole mic lock thing but still I dream
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    Anyone ever try creating an app or even porting the Aliph Jawbone ICON app? They have it for the iphone and most recently, for blackberry OS... Anyone?

    thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by davecttt View Post
    My wish is to have an app that preloads my favorite apps in card form upon start up. This way I could automatically have a preset couple of cards that load up.

    At the same time I would love to have it when I close an application to default to a particular card.
    I love this idea... If no-one is working on it already, I'm gona give it a research!
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    HP/Palm needs to bring real Sports Apps to WebOS like the following....

    *ESPN ScoreCenter
    *CBS Sports Mobile
    *NFL Game Center
    *MLB At Bat
    *NBA Game Time
    *PGA Tour
    *College Football Live!
    *NCAA March Madness
    *Sports Illustrated
    *Yahoo & CBS Fantasy Sports
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    A Disc Golf app. Why would you not have a fully functional disc golf app.
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    Swype for Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneadsha jones View Post
    Swype for Palm Pre
    hey for now you can check out Wog o.s.k. in the app catalog for now, it has its own Virtual keyboard, and a swype function on it as well.
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    ****AGENDUS**** (please,oh,please,oh,please!) app

    Or an alternative /fix for Classic (or just Agendus on webos 2)

    If Agendus comes to webos 2 I won't have a use for Classic any longer.

    Come on Iambic and HP/Palm....Agendus PLEASE!!!!!

    UPDATE: Crossed Ewallet and Docs2Go off my wishlist....

    jVault is WAY better!!!
    And Quick Office will be an excellent replacement for DataViz.
    Last edited by kiyva; 11/05/2010 at 08:05 PM. Reason: want to scratch off the list
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    is there any way to port the site for guitar tabs to a web app?
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    Dieter tweeted yesterday about kik, looks like a good service but no web-os support.

    Maybe if we all contact them they will build a version?

    Kik Messenger | Free real-time texting for all
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    There is a app in the catalog called WOG O.S.K and it works just like swype only the backspace is not functional. It costs 2.99 if you are interested. I have no problem with the backspace not working I can just hit the backspace on my slide out keyboard for now not really a biggie for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by mltr26 View Post
    Google Map with map on local disk, don't need connect to internet
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    HanDBase - or something that can import the databases and data, or support Classic in WebOS 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyelliott_rock View Post
    is there any way to port the site for guitar tabs to a web app?
    I started developing an app to do this a while ago. Sadly UG don't provide an API for tabs (I assume they make most if not all of their profit from advertising). The app I started uses page-scraping and I got as far as making it pull up artist and tab lists.

    If I get time I'll get back to it, but it's on hiatus for now. Also I don't know how much UG will appreciate me scraping their tabs and kicking out all their adverts...
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    I ask because, these apps all exist on iOS. HP needs to get some relationship managers to get some key apps from the heavy hitters.

    Desired Apps:
    Good Inc. Corporate Email
    Netflix Player
    Red Box App
    Hulu +
    Amazon App
    Public Radio 2.0
    ESPN Fantasy Football

    Desired Features:
    Robust Timer App
    Visual Voicemail
    Image Resize when Emailing photos (small 50k, medium 200k, large 1mb)
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    Does anyone know of a Meditation Timer, with a nice gong or bell to indicate the end of the meditation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdunn View Post
    Does anyone know of a Meditation Timer, with a nice gong or bell to indicate the end of the meditation?
    My free Easy countdown timer allows you to select any sound to play when the time is expired.
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    This entire thread illustrates a massive problem with webos

    apps on the first page, from May 2009, aren't getting made. like yahoo fantasy, visual voicemail, etc.

    The problem is companies have no interest in making webos games. 400 apps? 4000 apps? doesn't matter. People aren't making the apps people are requesting with the features people want. One post reads "Being able to watch the Instant Play movies from Netflix would be awesome". But i still don't think you can stream netflix on webos.

    There's a complete disconnect between what consumers really want and the apps that are getting made. there are exceptions of course. Like a facebook app, dropbox, etc. But i wonder how long do they expect people to wait for apps that aren't novelty wallaper apps, public domain books, etc. Two contract terms? I don't think that's likely for most people.

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