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    I want to see a true Facebook app. I was disappointed to not see one for the launch

    Current Devices: Palm Pre 2, HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Focus and Apple's iPhone 4
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Van Gaasbeek View Post
    Here's my wishlist:

    Plaxo for Pre
    MS Messenger (or compatible)
    A very strong and capable investment calculator
    Program that will allow me to search the local MLS
    Any capable torrent program - movies when traveling!
    Bible program with New Living Translation
    Check out - looks really nice on the Pre browser!
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    a very good graphing calc or ti89 emu
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    Multi-player poker like Adrenaline Poker for the iPhone
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    A genealogy program. I've used Gedstar (for palm OS) for years.
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    i want rss reader, ssh client, and irc client and i'm fine and maybe more IM protocols
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    Docs Open or something similar. I'm old-fashioned and like to type my documents on the desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supervillain View Post
    tethering app and a uTorrent app. utorrent app would be sick.
    I'd love a uTorrent app too. My G1 had an app called "TorrentFu". You could scan a barcode of a dvd/cd and it would search for torrents then remotely start downloading it on your home computer.

    I'd like to see:
    Google Places Directory
    Google Skymap
    some sort of fitness/food tracker
    Zombie Run
    Google Reader
    Facebook app
    A twitter with with twitpic support
    skinning/theme change support
    notification tone changer

    I think thats it for me.
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    Creativity management app...
    On my Treo 700wx I use .txt files in Word Mobile, but I'd like something else that can sync with "the cloud" and that is universal searchable.
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    First a working TASKS application, that at least have the same basic advantages that Tasks in Garnet has... But check first with Palm - if they maybe are planning an update, as they actually should... Or as I wrote in my post - My "wish list" for software developers and especially Palm - in the webOS developer forum...

    03) The included Task application seems to be worthless, because of three big usability limitations - you can't see if there is an "extra note page" connected to the task, it don't show the priority and you can now only select 3 priority levels (just as in Windows mobile and Symbian, it was 5 levels before) even if it have both alarm and due date functions (!) maybe for people who hate (??) to use the fine calender... The only reason for that, would be if these post ALSO was shown in the calender!

    Then a system program that fix following huge problem, but that might be extra tricky and maybe (hopefully) something Palm are working on...

    01) There is a lot of "elegant" waste of screen space and very BIG fonts, in almost every basic view and they should give an option... Because you need only 33% more space, for accurate finger navigation and NOT more than twice the space, for the same info... They should actually offer two alternative settings - that show two or three times as much info (at every view that now use huge fonts) and still be easy to navigate with your fingertips... Yes, the events have small text in the calender and many may love the new spacious design and huge fonts - but there should naturally be some alternative, for everyone that have a lot of info in the smartphone and don't want to scroll like crazy.... And it's especially very easy to miss vital info, if you can't see it directly - type in Tasks and Contacts... So I sincerely hope it soon will be possible to "tighten" up all the new empty space between text lines and at least select smaller fonts (naturally together with less space around the letters) in the settings... And the absolute best would be if you can select that separately for the tasks, contacts, email, calendar and messaging... And then choose between five sizes, with the current as 4 and "modern" or roman fonts... Because if some tightening NOT is possible, will the the bigger screen only be useful for web browsing and that would be very very sad... Yes, you can now only see HALF the info in Tasks (without scrolling or missing vital stuff) even if the screen is much bigger, than I can see directly in my "old" Palm Treo 680 and that vital missing option, would make Palm Pre practically useless for me!!

    Then might it be very nice with programs, that fix following problems... Even if they have to work on system level and that may make it tricky for third party developers?!

    02) In the calendar, should you also be able to remove that "empty time holder" completely, to free even more space for real calender info!!

    04) The "universal" search don't search in Emails, the Calendar, Tasks* or any documents and that is very strange - it should at least be a two step search, with a "Search deeper in Pre" option, before Pre offer you to search in Google... Or even get a finer possibility, to select where the Pre normally should search... *But you can search Task, if you are inside.

    05) And I also want the possibility to change the boring / plain ugly "modern" light grey and baby blue colours of the OS to something I actually like... Type with a nice SKIN application ;-)

    14) And then do I also want the magnificent "floating event" functionality (at least in a third party application) that I now have in DateBk6 so you can show vital events that should be done today, in the calender and get them automatically moved to next day, every new day.

    15) The pretty "Memo" application is pointless (just as before) when you anyhow have Task and Calender... And it is not possible to sync, so what you really need is a good plain text editor - that is easy to back up and open from your notebook, rock solid, ultra fast, has smart search & replace and handle minimum 144 huge text documents, in 12 folders... Including at least txt, html and hopefully some other file types... I sincerely hope that someone will make a fine text editor, because a true Word document editor IS a lot more clumsy and slower to use, in a smartphone!
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    A PS3 bluetooth app would be super useful. A universal remote app would be even better but I donít know if it would be possible. Dose the pre have IR?
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    * Any rock stable sync program WITH a PC version, that sync Tasks like old Palm Desktop... So I can edit anything in my notebook and it should naturally be able to sync through wifi, USB and bluetooth!
    * A system add on that STOP the auto corrections and if it not work from start, make it possible to use Swedish letters!
    * A very elegant clock application, like PalmaryClock - with smart alarms, multi stopwatch and timers.
    * A fine Office suite, that also handle OpenOffice documents...
    * A fine English spell corrector, that integrate with text editors!
    * And a FTP app - so I can have all my sites in my Pre, change stuff in a text editor and upload...
    * A mine sweeper game, like ultra elegant MinesFree by Vlad Kutko
    * Some elegant auto recorder for phone calls, as mVoice
    * A travel dictionary, like TrueTerm with Swedish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese
    * PacMan and Tetris

    And I absolutely don't mind if an application have to connect to a server, to do miracles ;-)
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    I'm not sure about the rest of you but I cna't stand the Itunes software and would love an app for Zune. Anyone else use the zune?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YBCold View Post
    I'm not sure about the rest of you but I cna't stand the Itunes software and would love an app for Zune. Anyone else use the zune?
    I use media monkey... It's awesome.
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    - Weather app that takes into account location via GPS
    - some sort of call recorder
    - app (or something similar)
    - NCAA teams app (for all teams, select your favorite(s), etc.)
    - Pocket Quicken
    - Barcode Scanner
    - Remember the Milk app
    - Stubhub
    - LinkedIn App (And make LinkedIn part of Synergy!)
    - Virtual Keyboard for landscape use...
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    I really wish that the Bluetooth would look for more than just an ear piece. IF you could search for other bluetoth devices and sync with your PC to transfer file wirelessly (like a PSP shares game demos) I would never even think about getting rid of this phone.
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    what I would love to see is the accelerometer to work on most of the apps, including the launcher. I like having the pdf viewer, but whats the point if I can't go to landscape mode when reading?

    also I'd like a telnet/SSH client.
    Logos Bible software app (Libronix digital library)
    I would like when you go to a pdf in the browser it open in the pdf viewer.
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    A nice AIM app. not digging the one now
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