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    Business Card Scanner with OCR and direct export to the default contact database. (for me that would be google)

    Sophisticated audio recorder app w/ transcription and the ability to record all inbound and outbound calls. Integration with google voice etc. etc.

    Bluetooth everything. (especially for using external keyboards)

    Document editing. (for crying out loud already!)

    Basically there is so much garbage in the app catalog for CHILDREN and not enough productivity stuff for ADULTS. WebOS lacks gravitas. It is viewed as a plaything and rightfully so. The underlying OS is much better (IMO) than all of the other mobile OSes out there but this is getting to be a bit painful.

    I'll gladly pay $20 for any truly helpful app that makes my day to day life easier. Apps like the ones mentioned pay for themselves the first time you *really* need them.
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    How about a real MLB Baseball game.

    I'm not talking about an app that checks baseball game scores, or lets you view baseball park backgrounds, or view team fan pages.

    I mean, a real playable game that also tracks statistics.

    Here is what I hope to see someday in a playable/stats driven game:

    Besides, we already have a very nice "NFL 2010" Football game. So, it would be great to have a real game for each of the other major sports:
    NBA Basketall, NHL Hockey, perhaps a College Football game, a College Basketball game, etc.

    Thanks and Peace.
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    Ive started a page up on Facebook for people to "Like" petitioning for a webOS app for Spotify! We need Spotify for Palm webOS | Facebook. Thanks!
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    Tethering app exists but not on app store, its called MyTether and it works pretty well.
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    I would like to see netflix streaming on the pre, as well as a maplestory game.
    would be willing to pay for both.
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    I'd like to see a webcam app that users can set up to pull various live webcams around the globe (both still and video).
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    I hope will do a app for webos.
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    OK, now that we bask in the PDK goodness, I'm bringing back my old request.

    An SSH client app (w/ X forwarding if feasible) installable from the app catalog (no homebrew stuff).
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    Wish a app can lock SMS/email application
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    Tyrian 2000!
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    Google Map with map on local disk, don't need connect to internet
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    app can preven unwanted sms and phonenumber
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    App needed - Roboform and that can sync with online Roboform
    App wanted - version of Buss Word Bingo (see link here is you aren't familiar with it -
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    Why has CHASE forsaken us? I am sure all their customers are not just Iphone users. They have a cool way of depositing cheques by taking pictures. Money talks so if you are with me, lets rally and tell Chase we will take our business to a Bank that caters to their customers' mobile needs!!!

    "How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!"
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    I'm still missing a SMS Schedule App!
    I mean choose date and time to a SMS be sent! Please! I had that in my old Treo 650...
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    Again: Bluetooth HID support. My Freedom Universal Keyboard is weeping in its corner...
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    1. Citrix Reciever (PLEASE!!!)
    2. Audible
    3. Netflix Watch Instantly
    (And then my life will be complete!)
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    a diary or a journal please!
    only to do and notes on the homebrew apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devilxvergil View Post
    a diary or a journal please!
    only to do and notes on the homebrew apps.
    What are you wanting to do on a journal that you can't do with Notes or with
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    keep track of my daily life, without having logging in to blogger and so on ?
    notes doesnt have dates =/

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