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    Hulu,, NetFlix, and HBOGo video support.

    Looks like Android may be on the path for Netflix:

    Netflix App Coming to Android Soon?

    It's those types of proprietary DRM-infused video sources that may eventually push me toward Android...but we'll see. Still on contract for now.
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    No one has mentioned this so far - how about Overwhelming Offers app for webOS? They already have apps for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. I already sent them a feedback requesting the same. Black Friday Deals Every Weekday! 50% Discount off Nintendo Wii & More | Overwhelming Offers
    Cricinfo Mobicast would be great too - it is available even on some dumb phones.
    For all those people asking for iheartradio, I got to say this - radiotime IMO is the best radio app ever across all platforms and its free (only) on WebOS and a paid app on android. wtg.
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    * pacman
    * doodle jump
    and more music apps to compose and to edit
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    I would Love an app for TD bank. Now that they have a droid and an iphone app.
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    1. GSM Codec that doesn't break with each OS upgrade (Palm: why isn't this standard?!?)
    2. Tether
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    Basic app .....that scans barcodes and allows you to determine if there is any toxins in that product, pretty cool

    GoodGuide | Find safe, healthy, and green products

    Watch Demo Here

    If any developers are interested in making one for them
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    1.Daily Booth App
    2.Qik App App
    4.Ustream App
    5.Netflix App
    6.Hulu App
    9.LA Metro Bus Tracker with Metro Rail (Could only find an L.A. Rail app)
    10.Myspace App
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    I would love and pay to have this Tapatalk app, basically an app for forums..

    For you guys who want this, register at Tapatalk forums and add your name to the list..
    Palm webOS? - Tapatalk Community Forum
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    I would love to see a surf report app. There are a variety available for other platforms with Surf Watch for the iPhone as one of the more complicated (and desirable). Surf Watch presents data from specified NOAA bouys and weather stations. The user sets criteria (swell height, direction, wind speed etc), and the app notifies when the criteria are met. Quick Check Surf Report for Android and the Oakley/Surfline app and the Magicseaweed app for the iPhone present an alternative taking the wave predictions directly from Surfline and Magicseaweed.
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    Would like to see a good xbox app that uses your login information like the xbox live website, to see friend status and be able to send messages.
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    i want a comic book reader :/ been looking since launch, no word on any.
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    how about knocking video? My friends are always having a blast with it
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    A universal Wifi Hotspot or atleast one that will work on o2 in the UK!
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    Disney, Disneyland, Disney Parks app!!
    I'll be going to southern California and Disneyland soon, and I am amazed that there are not more disney themed apps. I love one for android/iphone called "parktastiq". It has a cartoonish map of the park and i believe it can tell you wait times, bathroom locations, etc. Another one is called disneysecrets and it has cool lesser known facts and helpful info about the park. If you could come up with a combination app that would be amazing!
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    Breath of Fire for webOS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen00 View Post
    Breath of Fire for webOS!
    I'm playing it now on the SNES Emulator. Does that count?
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    No, because it still uses 35% battery life an hour to run it there. :P
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    I have 2 app request, pizza hut and bofa for webos
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    Ok I want this, I have no idea why. But you should make an animated track to follow the movements, instead of a static screen. Network and race a friend? What about hurdles? LOL Hilarious...

    App review: Finger Race (Android) -- Engadget
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKTrek View Post
    Livestrong Calorie counter
    Something good for diet / exercise...
    I'd love a good weight loss app too- any good options out there?

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