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    But, it's worth a shot.

    I keep listening to MP3's and the volume is different for certain song and I know that has to do with the file itself, but is there any program or app that can automatically adjust the volume so it doesn't go from perfect to way too loud on the next song? It's annoying and I'm sure people would install this if it were available.

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    I would want to see Orblive ported to webos
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    Siri -

    But this will never happen now that Apple just acquired them.
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    Flood-it! Anyone ever play this for iPhone or Android? It's pretty addictive. Also, it'd be nice to get a decent bejewled clone.
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    Any chance of some UK based apps? BBC Iplayer, SKY sports, banking apps etc?
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    Any chance of an app so you can watch Ustream on your phone?
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    Anyone know a way to get KeePass on the Pre? KeePassX runs on QT, right?
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    Theme manager where we can DL various themes and change them on the fly instead of dealing with downloading, installing, uninstalling themes all the time.
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    I would be pleased for a decent turn-by-turn gps application that isn't tied to a carrier.
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    - A simple notepad, similar to the iPhone Notes. No extra bells & whistles, just a convenient place to keep long-term notes. The built-in Memos isn't really very practical for anything but quick reminders.
    - Kindle for webOS
    - Pai Gow poker game
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    How about an Orkut application similar to the Facebook apps? Only current solution is the web-browser.
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    London Underground App
    a la tube map

    Intelligent Bus/Train travel Apps
    a la nextbus

    A proper turn by turn voice guided GPS
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    Storm Chaser -

    GPS/Google Maps (or equiv)/Live Doppler Radar - All one piece! Allows you to plan around major storms. It's Mapping/GPS geared towards inclement weather conditions.
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    a MP3 editor
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    World Cup South Africa 2010

    Group rankings
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    If some one could make a app
    stay in touch with the hip hop community @
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    Maybe a JVM (JavaME) and/or launcher?
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    Any chance of someone porting the Knocking app from iPhone? Would be great if it allowed cross-platform feeds (g/f has an iPhone, and she's not changing anytime soon :P)
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    LIVE TV (ex. Live Sports)
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    I'd like a good, solid, customizable database app. For years I used JFile under PalmOS - you could create your fields with dropdown, memorized lists; view records in list view or form view; sort your records; import/export .csv files - ah, database heaven. I contacted the developer of JFile & he's waiting for webos to go more mainstream. It seems there's a huge opportunity here for some smart developer. I tried My DataBank - for the life of me I couldn't figure it out, but maybe I'm thick as a brick.

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