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    request msn/live messenger for messaging
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    Livestrong Calorie counter
    Something good for diet / exercise...
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    Im searching for a DVB-Streaming ( and other video streams) Software like VLC.
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    I would love to see an RSA SecurID token generator. Also called a SoftToken. Basically, an app that replaces those RSA key fobs... they have them for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Blackberry. Surely WebOS isn't far behind?
    Software Authenticators
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    An Ubuntu One app. I can access the website of course for notes, and it is good for having notes automatically synced between my phone (the web page actually) and my laptop. An app would make this much more useful and would be great. If such an app could also find a way to upload files from my Pre onto Ubuntu One that would be a huge added bonus and a great way for me to move stuff from phone to (any) PC without having to email or hook up via USB. I know I can download pictures from the Ubuntu One website, it tries to stream mp3s but I haven't had it work yet.

    I really think there is huge potential in an Ubuntu One app, if certain things are possible. Just the note syncing alone would be nice though.
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    Where's the love for myspace? I want a myspace app!
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    1. Better Google Maps... but I wonder if this is Google's or Palm's fault. I can't believe my Pre's Google Maps is missing features from my 3 year old Nokia's Google Maps...

    - Google account integration (Layers, Starred Items... and you're telling me Palm's signature feature is Synergy synchronization?)
    - Search history
    - Street View

    2. Some kind of VoIP client, preferably Skype. Nimbuzz would work too, again that's what I use on my old Nokia to call home.

    Quote Originally Posted by churro View Post
    request msn/live messenger for messaging
    Greg's plugins work good, but you have to get used to Palm's way of messaging. It'll add all your MSN contacts to your Contacts app.
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    Google goggles shazaam and shopsavy!!!
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    Hopefully this is a simple request since there is already one for the iPhone but i wanted a app for my phone as well as Adultswimgames , any help would be apprectiated
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    I want that guitar app that they have in the T-Mobile Fender phone add with Clapton. Probably no hope in getting that though...
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    I need a poker tracker software like Iphone's poker journal. I'm attempting to write one ... but havn't developed on webos before and it's frustrating as a .NET developer.
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    (all on Android)
    and there IS a Slacker app.
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    I would like a crazy visual RSS reader. Instead of a list of your feeds, I would like a collage of sorts using the pictures and text from the different RSS feeds. I think each feed should look similar to a Polaroid pictures stacked on top of each other in a messy pile. You could pinch to zoom to enlarge. You could move the stories around or throw the pictures off the screen to mark as read. Or tap to open the feed and read it normally.

    I think it would take a lot of work to finish but I would start to use (and pay) for an RSS reader if it looked like what I imagined in my head.

    Maybe I'm crazy but I think it could work.
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    I would like an app for geotagging photos. Not photos taken on the phone - there are devices you can buy with a built in gps receiver that you basically just stick in your pocket all day and it tracks where you go. You go home and plug it into the computer and it compares the time taken on the camera with where you were and automatically adds the geotag to the EXIF data of the images. I don't know for sure but I would be very surprised if something like this wasn't already available for iPhone or Android.

    I would also like an app that identifies music, similar to the Verizon Music ID App. (That's the only thing I miss from my Samsung Alias). Automatically emailing the identified song information is essential because then when I get home i remember to download the song.

    I think this last one is probably the least likely to be possible, but I would like a way to access and transfer files over wifi between my laptop and Pre. This was possible on my 10 year old PDA, and I can't believe how restricted the Pre is in terms of interfacing with a computer.

    Some of these i'm assuming will need to be homebrew and have patches applied and such.
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    need an app for the adult dating website i will pay for this thx in advance
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    Check it out!!

    I would like to see an app that will enable webos users to accept payments from anywhere for FREE. The app found at the link above was developed by the founder of twitter for the iphone (and now ipad). Unlike GoPayment by intuit, this app does not require a contract, there is no monthly fee and it works great...
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    I would love a SMS counter app.Not everyone has unlimited SMS plans so a variable counter that enables you to set your billing date and what your pre defined sms limit is and then kept count of all the texts you sent would be fantastic
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    I think that what we really need to do is start buying some of the app's already avialable. If we really want to keep having this awesome WebOS and If we want to motivate the developers....
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