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    I'm really hoping for widgets that can be shown on the homescreen (weather, appointments, etc). It would be just a tad tedious to open my calendar just to see upcoming appointments or open up a weather app to check it for 2 seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcoaster View Post
    I'm really hoping for widgets that can be shown on the homescreen (weather, appointments, etc). It would be just a tad tedious to open my calendar just to see upcoming appointments or open up a weather app to check it for 2 seconds.
    SPB makes a nice app for WM that does this and other things. Hopefully we will see something similar for the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHEEZM03 View Post
    Groupwise like the BB I need it for work.
    Check this thread.
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    I'd love to see a calendar app like DateBk6 that would allow me to attach icons to my appointments that would show up in the month view. It makes the month view SO much more useful.
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    I would like to see Agendus, Youtube (think this is on it), Shadow or outliner, powerone calculator, PDANet, Group IM app, Checkbook. voice memo, video recorder, keycaps, shortcut and treo alarm.

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    Facebook Chat
    Wall Street Journal
    Netflix queue manager
    Amazon VOD mobile support
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    OliveTree Bible Reader
    Kindle Mobile
    Live365 Mobile
    Go Mobile
    Mahjong with Hong Kong and American rules
    Texas Hold'em
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    I'd love to have a good shopping program as I do a lot of buying for my company. My favorite shopping program is Handy Shopper for Palm OS & WinMo. The developer only updates the WinMo version but is totally open to others developing apps from his source code (see copy from the yahoo group below). So any enterprising individuals out there can use his app as a model and make a wonderfully successful app for the Pre!

    Barring that, I'd pay for a good shopping app. I use it not only for shopping, but for all kinds of other things like... music I'd like to check out, supply lists for camping, jotting down gift ideas, etc... It helps me where my memory lacks!


    --- Greg Gaub <mailing.lists@...> wrote:
    > >I'll pay ($$), plead, whine, cajole, promise,
    > >whatever to get it!! Without HandyShopper, the
    > >Pre will probably be a non-starter for me, and
    > >that would be very disappointing!
    > Those things won't have any effect on Chris other
    > than to cause him to leave the group again.
    > We don't want that.

    Thanks Greg. :-) I am flattered that so many folks find this
    software indispensable and ask for it to be ported to so many
    devices. Unfortunately, flattery will indeed get you nowhere (with
    me). As Greg says, I released full source code for reading/writing
    HandyShopper databases, so now the only thing stopping other people
    from writing versions of HandyShopper for other devices is the usual
    stuff (interest, skill, etc).

    > As such, your best bet is to find a developer who
    > is thinking about getting into WebOS software, and
    > tell him/her that they'd be insane not to make a
    > compatible app. They can even sell if they want.
    > Chris has posted the information needed to read
    > and write HandyShopper files. Any developer,
    > therefore, can make compatible applications. It's
    > not even GPL (I don't think), it's just how to use
    > the databases. They would even have the Palm and
    > PPC apps to model the WebOS version after.
    > I bet such a developer would even be able to get
    > some answers out of Chris for problems that come
    > up, if he/she was nice about it.

    Indeed, on all counts. The source code is released in the Public
    Domain, even. No strings attached.
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    Phoenix Freeze would be a nifty addition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    I want high quality apps that cost around $10. I'd really like to see developers avoid the iPhone $0.99 apps.

    Don't get me wrong, they have their place... but honestly, how many $0.99 apps are REALLY used on a daily basis? I think it's USUALLY an indication in a lack of quality. (Although there are some impressive cheap apps, it's not the norm.)
    I'm excited to get the Pre, but as a Palm user of 6 years, I'm a little concerned about the App Catalog looking at the history of PalmOS applications in regards to pricing.

    There are scores of high quality, useful apps & games in the $0.99 - 2.99 price range that I use frequently on my iPod touch (Tweetie, for example). Contrast that with many of the apps on for PalmOS -- PocketTunes Deluxe, an Mp3 player, which I bought years ago for my Palm TX, is $37.95! Many other productivity apps, utilities & games are 25 dollars and up. In the era of Apple's App store, with tons of affordably-priced apps, that's just ridiculous. I really hope the Pre's App catalog is going to host competitively-priced apps, given that Palm developers are used to charging a premium for their software. Clearly that has to happen if the Pre is going to compete with the iPhone -- it's all about the software.
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    Besides the standard apps, email, browser, contact and calendar, these are one's I use on a regular basis and would like to see on the Pre.

    - App to sync Notes and Tasks with Exchange
    - Good alarm clock app
    - Splashmoney, or preferably PocketQuicken
    - Evernote
    - eWallet
    - Weatherbug, or something similar with radar
    - Geocaching
    - Kindle Reader
    - Flixter, or something very similar
    - VPN with Remote Desktop Client
    - an app for Netflix
    - Tiger Woods Golf (I have several games, but I'm not a big game player)
    - Facebook app, complete with chat feature
    - Yellow Pages app
    - a good Bible app
    - a workout tracking app
    - a good news and sports app
    - Epocrates
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    I am begging someone to make a Golf GPS. Hopefully Greenfinder will make one for the Pre.

    cant post links yet but its green finder gps DOT com
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    BeeJive IM

    Tweet App with background notifications for @replies (the current does DMs only)

    Facebook App - Mixed with BlackBerry link to contacts feature and everything else from the iPhone app

    Shazam - best music ID for the iPhone
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    -an alert reminder for missed calls,sms,email, etc...(like treoalerts)
    -a way to put the cards behind the wallpaper
    -something to where i can see my upcoming calendar events say up to 7 days or so on the front screen (something like Intelliscreen for iphone)
    -sports app, for scores, odds, etc...
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    -flash plugin
    -A terminal with full access to the underlying file system.
    -ssh Client
    -ssh and http daemons (lol)
    -gnu keyring
    -shoutcast player
    -better media player
    -voice recorder
    -video camera
    -dope wars
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    some kinda voice dialing application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob600 View Post
    1. Sync to Zimbra
    The version of Zimbra we use at Mozilla offers an ActiveSync EAS-compatible syncing; I expect this would work on the Pre, but I've not tried to set it up yet.
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    Tethering app
    Msn messenger
    ewallet, 1password, or similar
    sling player
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    would love dropbox... with a specific "mobile sync" folder so I don't fill my palm pre w/ crap.

    alternatively, someone figure out a way to get filesharing working... so the palm can act as a server, or a client fetching data. I HATE having to use the microUSB port because I feel I'll break it.
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