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    Christmas Card Tracker: I used to have a simple, simple program where there was a Sent and Received column for a number of years. Very simple to mark off each year who you received cards from and sent cards to. Would LOVE to see an app like this that would INTEGRATE with the contacts list so you wouldn't have to re-enter all of your contacts into another program!!! Please!
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    CRAIGSLIST APP!!!! mCraig sucks!!!
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    TV Guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjanick33 View Post
    TV Guide
    THAT would be money right there!!

    eBay app is still needed, I believe... but TV Guide app would be WAY sweeter.
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    Remote control for Dish network.
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    voice recorder!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cocochannel View Post
    voice recorder!
    hells ya and we need voice/video recorder. So I can catch these bayarea police doin dirt
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    I know there's this app for the iphone so I wonder if it can be made for the pre, a Ustream app. To allow the watching and even streaming right off your phone a possibility.
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    all these 3-D games sound pretty cool
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    A stand alone Astronomy Application would be great to have.

    Not web based like iSkyGaze.

    PS what do you think..if you like to have this app thank me so maybe the developers see the interest...might help..
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    Key Caps for Palm PRE would be great..I miss it A LOT!

    KeyCaps600 0.91b1 (for Palm OS) -

    PS anyone interested? Please thank me so maybe the developers notice the interest and make the app
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    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 800W -> Launch Day Pre (RIP 08/13/10) -> Replacement PRE
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    A pretty torrent app would be nice.

    And somebody else suggested this already, which I'd never heard of -- Torrent Droid. You scan the UPC to a DVD, and by the time you get home... the movie is already downloaded. Or perhaps even scan the UPC to a CD, and have it download the full album or individual songs. Wouldn't be a worthy torrent app if you couldn't choose individual files, right?!?
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    flight director like they have on android or flight control like on iphone either one or a new webos version would be awesome
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    is sprint going to come up with a good sport score app!
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    One of my favorite apps is MLB at Bat for the iPhone. Would love to see that App on the Palm Pre. I also would love a native Bloomberg App and I would be set.
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    Pushup App
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    An App to keep track of weather forecast and present conditions at your favorite snowboard/ski mountains.
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    I would like to see the following apps:

    - Documents to Go (Dataviz)
    - Netflix On Demand
    - Shazam
    - VLC (or similar extremely capable video player)
    - Photogene (or similar capable photo editor)
    - Kindle reader
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mando323 View Post
    Remote control for Dish network.
    Just use the web version a few weeks ago when I tried it, they thought I was a iphone and it was all good.
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    I want an app (or patch) to force the phone to always use the built in microphone instead of defaulting to an external mic when you have a cable plugged into the headset jack. I use my Pre on the Touchstone in the car plugged into my stereo...and I used to be able to use the speakerphone and hear the person through the stereo and talk via the built in mic. Now it seems to want a external mic and I have to put it in speakerphone mode, which uses the Pre speaker (which is impossible to hear in a car...). So please development gods...grant me my wish to have headset mode work properly with the built in mic.

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