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    Would really like to see:

    - Ebay
    - Paypal
    - Shazam (or other music identifier)
    - Shop Savvy
    - Rom Emulators
    - Slingplayer
    - Flickr
    - Yellowpages
    - Credit Card Terminal
    - Guitar Tuner
    - Video Camera App
    - Doom
    - Hexen
    - Duke Nukem
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    Well I came from an Andriod phone and I can honestly say I only miss two things!

    1) Copilot or something like it Tomtom etc

    2) Fotmob.....a live football score service of every league imaginable!!!

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    This app would be similar top one available for the iphone:
    Google Tasks on iPhone (www-dot-geetasks-dot-com)

    Here is what the app does, just replace "iPhone" with "Pre". Since Pre has it's own task app, perhaps it could be made to sync with google tasks?

    * View your Gmail tasks with native iPhone interface.
    * Mark your tasks as complete or incomplete, edit description and set due date.
    * More screen space than the web site, sometimes a lot more!
    * Works both offline and online - be secure in your knowledge that even if network lets you down you will get your things done.
    * Become recognized as a reliable person - when GeeTasks is always in your pocket you will always remember to fulfill your promises. You can even promise more than before AND feel better about being able to deliver.
    * Offline/manual sync mode - ideal for iPod Touch or those with a limited data plan
    * No need for expensive subscription service like some other Tasks applications - all that's required is a free Gmail account from Google
    * Share tasks with your spouse by using the same Gmail account
    * Nested tasks for complex situations

    Thanks for the great apps Developers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by smcbeaven View Post
    Would really like to see:

    - Guitar Tuner
    Guitarist's Reference Pro has a tuner built in. Creates the correct tone and you have to tune by ear.

    What would be really cool would be a digital tuner which would show a bar or needle centered on the screen when you are in tune. From what I've read the current SDK does not give very good access to the mic, so I doubt if that one's possible yet.
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    Sirius/XM radio !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    Hopefully, this will qualify for a sticky, but after a search for "wishlist" I can't find the usual thread of suggested apps that we can then beg developers for. I'll start.

    • Yahoo Greetings app with reminders tied to birthdays from Facebook and other contacts.
    • Content Aggregator app (think My Yahoo) designed for Pre screen size that presents TODAY type information (News, weather, sports, RSS feeds) in landscape mode for viewing during my commute.
    • Getting things Done app - goes along with my GTD Outlook add-in to help organize my life. Would solve issue of more robust tasks list.
    • Market summary app - push summary of certain indices stocks at predetermined time of day along with key economic reports (PPI, CPI, Unemployment) as they are released.
    • Linked In synergy - Pull photos from Linked In like Facebook for contacts
    • ThinkorSwim app - I'll be begging for this, since they have an iPhone app
    • Visual Voicemail app - I just can't stand going in the order received. Please free me from this agony.
    • Voice Recorder with Transcription - Either from voicemail file or voice memo sent to online/desktop voice recognition software. Helpful in my work
    • Flickr/Picassa app - uploading, categorization and forwarding. I'm sure Facebook app has this.
    • app - using AudibleAir to stream daily news/magazines - connected to TODAY app
    • Bluetooth for everything app - Listen to turn-by-turn, news streams, internet radio, etc. on headset. Boy I'll need another headset charger
    • Morse code app - use the screen for morse code - OK, way too geeky, even for me, but would be cool to try.
    • Synergy Lockout/Locator app - log in and set device to display individual return instructions if lost. Better yet, use locater app to find exactly where it is.

    OK that's enough for now. I'm sure some of these exist on iPhone or even in Pre. I know there are other great ideas out there. Hell, if there's something easy and the SDK is ever available, I can try to build something myself.
    application that gives the ability to lock apps,. like text,. contact,. photos,. email,..etc
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    something like intelliscreen for the iphone.this would be great and make the pre the best phone to get;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
    I want a touch keyboard app that allows me to use my screen instead of slideout keyboard when i don't feel the need to use it.
    in the patch section in preware you can find that........
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    here's my two cents.

    sms signatures
    a file manager type system that you can lock or hide folders ie: speical photos and such.
    more bluetooth file options so you can transfer from PC to phone and such.
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    I would love to see a WebOS version of the board game Risk. One of my all-time favorites.
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    Not in order:

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare
    Tiger Woods
    Google Finance
    Facebook (That's as good as the iphone app)
    Utorrent remote
    Intua's Beatmaker (beat making app)
    Espn soccernet
    ESPN in general
    Fulltilt poker, ultimatebet poker
    Youtube app that lets me log into my account
    Picassa account uploader
    Bar Code scanner
    Old school games (Pacman, donkey kong, Super Mario, Smash tv)
    Visual Voicemail for sprint voicemail not gmail.
    Google Navigation.
    Mario Kart
    Precentral app like the engadget one

    stuff idon't care about but i think others would like

    Virtual guitar,
    virtual piano
    Tom Tom Navigation
    Lighter (for holding up at concerts)
    Guitar Hero and rock band

    my two cents. i'd like to see the app price in the range they are in for iphones. i start to pause when apps get at $9.99 and/or I realize the same app is 3 bucks cheaper on a different platform.
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    In addition to everything blackmagic01 just listed (especially a real, usable Facebook app) I'd like to see a Tumblr app. Their iPhone app is actually pretty nice.

    And if Pre Central made an app like the Engadget app I'd be thrilled. I've had the opportunity to use the Engadget app on the iPhone and BlackBerry as well the Pre. And for once, the Pre came out on top with the best version.
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    Id like to have location services ask me if its ok to use the GPS except for certain apps i put on a white list ... how about that?
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    My wishlist is small..
    here it is..

    shutdown application
    yahoo app.
    orkut app.
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    A Call Recorder,,,, PLEASE!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by acherry View Post
    A Call Recorder,,,, PLEASE!!!
    ^^^^ What he said.

    A simple call recorder would be great. A call recorder that gave you the option of answering the call without recording, or answering the call with recording, would be awesome.
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    Would be nice to know if this is possible now that things have been opened up a bit more with 1.3.5. Perhaps APIs wouldn't be necessary.
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    CallFilter or something that does the same thing, along with Profiles or something like it, working with each other... That will be my only reason to get the GSM Pre... Or I'll stick with my T650 until it falls apart
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    A lie detector test app
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    An app that changes settings due to time or location. For example when I am at work from 7:30 to 5:30 I want it to turn my phone on vibrate turn on wifi and turn off bluetooth. Then at 5:30 I want it to turn the ring on and turn on bluetooth and leave wifi on. Then when I get home and at 9:30 I want it to turn everything off and turn the ringer to vibrate again. I had the hero and it had this and it was called Locale. It is the best app I have ever used. Please some one make this I am will to pay $10 for this app.

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