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    Does anyone know if a simple MySQL database client exists for WebOS? I'm not looking to run complex queries, just the ability to display all records in a table, and add/delete/edit records. Maybe simple search/sort.

    It seems, with so many IT and developer types smitten with this phone, someone would have created something like this??

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    1) Sports score app with background notification
    2) animated 3D weather effects on to the home screen like the HTC HD2
    3) Google latitude
    4) TuneWiki
    5) Shazam
    6) MLB at Bat
    7) Better games like fieldrunners & lemonade ty****. I mean air hockey & chess are great, but THEY can do better than that!!!
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    A Sirius Radio app. The Instinct had a subscribed station on the radion app, and the iPhone has an app for it so I'm hoping we can at least get a station..
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    I saw this one somewhere but not can't find it again to go thank.

    Some type of lock for folders or hidden folders where we can hide those "special" pictures that we don't want everyone to see. I miss the file manager that my rant had.
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    Is it possible to have software that would allow you to run iphone or android software? It already poses as a iphone to itunes. Not sure how to get the apps on the pre though. It would open up a huge world of apps thats for sure.
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    oh, a universal search that is actually universal. I used to put keywords in my contacts address book so I could search for them quicker if I forgot their names. ie.. type of food at a restaruant. But search no longer searches all the fields in contacts, only the name it seems to me. So how about a search that searches all text files on you pre.
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    many of the apps for this phone are simple lists, ie shopping list, loaned item lists, tasks list. How about a database program that would let me customize my own lists?
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    -adobe flash player
    -bowling app similar to the iPhones "bowling scoreboard"
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    Anyone able to make a Zip/Rar/archive program for webOS? PreZip? PreRAR? please?
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    I would like to see an app for remote play for ps3.
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    I would like to see a remote app, but I dont want one that I have to buy for every different piece of software, one app that can control media center, VLC, Itunes, hulu, netflix.

    I have a htpc and would like to just pause, stop, and play what I am watching.

    VLC app allows me to do this for one thing.
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    Great suggestions people. Here's my list:

    - Netflix and Hulu app, definite MUST, idc if it's third party or from the companies, it's every movie-lovers must-have

    - An app to add tv show listings to my calendar, like the sports ones. Since the Pre is about keeping up with a busy life, I miss many of my fav shows because I just don't know about it, or forget to check out a new show (NCIS, Family Guy, CSI:Miami, etc.)

    - Video Camera!

    That's all from me for now... keep em coming people.
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    a live police fire ems scanner like the iphone has that would be sweet and a good mlb app too
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    I've got a simple request for an app. I'm actually a bit surprised I haven't seen this loaded on the Pre after buying it...

    I need something that allows me to see the time in other time zones. I know I can just look it up online on, but I envision a simple app that allows anyone to add a list of locations per your preference. I need something handy when I dial out to or receive calls from family overseas. Why wasn't this in the standard clock app?

    Any programmers out there willing to make this dream come true?
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    my web cam!
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    Grooveshark music streamer!!!!

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    instantaneous velocity/ acceleration app... would go good as a "dyno" app as well.
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    really would like to see a app like bluff my call we need that for pre
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    adobe is working on getting flash player 10 for the pre by the end of this year.

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